Privacy Policy

The operation of the platforms Studydrive and Studycrowd involve the collection and processing of the user's personal data. The data we collect and process is a product of your uploads. The Studydrive GmbH retains the right to collect and process data for its own purposes. We place great importance on the user's privacy, the protection of his data from abuse and the functionality of our platforms. In order to ensure best practice policies we respect the regulations of the Federal Data Protection and the Telemedia Acts.

In the following sections we will outline how, for what purposes and to which extent data is stored and processed by the Studydrive and Studycrowd platforms. During the registration process you will be asked for your consent to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy. If you decide to agree to these terms, Studydrive and Studycrowd have the rights to use your data according to our provisions outlined below and in the terms and conditions. If for some reason you wish to withdraw your agreement, you can do this by sending an email to

1. Collection and storage of personal data

The Studydrive GmbH collects and processes information once you register for Studydrive or Studycrowd. Information and data generated and provided by the user will be stored and processed.

1.1. Inventory data

As part of our registration process the user has to provide specific personal information. The Studydrive GmbH stores the following data which was provided by the user during the registration process.

  • First and last name
  • Your higher education institution and your major information
  • Email address
  • A password

Your name as well as your higher education information will be visible to other users. The email address and the password that was provided will remain confidential. Via the email you provided you will be informed about changes and updates on the platforms and about news in the groups you enrolled in. Furthermore, you will receive notifications about job and internship offers from our corporate partners. You have the option to unsubscribe from receiving our email newsletter and associated information by sending an email to

1.2 Usage Data / Cookies / Web analytics

While using the platforms significant amounts of data will be collected. Below you will find a list with the examples.

1.2.1 Logfiles

Our server logs store and collect information which is submitted by your browser once you access websites via the Studydrive or Studycrowd platforms. The log files contain the following information:

  • IP address of the computer
  • Date, time, status, amount of data transferred and the website from which you came to the requested page (referrer)
  • Product and version information of the browser (user agent), operating system, language settings.

The collection of this information is only used to ensure and improve the platforms, their security and to pursue and identify potential unlawful actions by our users. The log files are anonymized. If the user wishes to prohibit such actions to be performed, he can notice the Studydrive GmbH with his request via email or mail. As outlined above, existing logs can be inspected in case of potential security problems or if there is reason to suspect criminal actions by the user.

1.2.2 Cookies

The use of the platforms is associated with the use of Cookies which enable us to gain information that is relevant for the operation of our platforms. Cookies are used to identify and authenticate our users and to store form data. Once the user leaves the platforms and terminates his session the cookies will be removed from his browser.

"In order to prevent the application and usage of cookies you have to choose the appropriate settings in your browser. We advise you to allow session cookies in order to use the Studydrive and the Studycrowd platforms.“

1.2.3 Web analytics

a) The Studydrive GmbH uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. of 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (Google). Google Analytics also uses cookies to analyse the behaviour of you online including visit times and referring sources etc. The resulting information is transmitted to a Google server in the U.S. and stored there.

Studydrive and Studycrowd use Google Analytics as an important tool to analyze how our users use our platforms. This is done anonymously. As Google is the party storing this anonymous information it might provide this information to third parties if required by law or if third parties process this data on Google's behalf.

By using this site you agree to the processing of your data by Google in the manner and for the purpose as described above. However, you may refuse to accept new cookies by adjusting your browser settings (see above). You may also deactivate Google Analytics by installing a so called browser-add-on, which is provided by Google under the following address:

More information on Google Inc. and Google Analytics can be found on

b) The website uses plugins (eg the 'Like Button') owned by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304 , USA. By opening a website with a plugin your browser will automatically connect with the Facebook servers. The Studydrive GmbH is not able to adjust or control the content of the plugin. Via these plugins Facebook can gain information about which of our sites you have visited and can associate this information with your Facebook account. We do not have any influence over this procedure and do not assume any responsibility for the content of the plugins and the data which is transferred to the Facebook servers. If you need further information on how Facebook deals with your private data, please consult their privacy policy under If you want to prevent Facebook from collecting data and information, please log out of Facebook before visiting our site and delete cookies from Facebook.

c) Besides Facebook Studydrive and Studycrowd will at some point provide plugins of the short message service Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA on our website ('tweet' button). Here the same processes are applicable as in the case with the Facebook plugin. If you do not want that Twitter can collect information about your visit on our website, please log out of Twitter before using the Studydrive or Studycrowd platforms. The Studydrive GmbH has no influence on the transfer and collection of data by Twitter and therefore is not to be held responsible for it. For more information on data processing at Twitter, please refer to the privacy policy statement on

1.3 Content Data

Content Data refers to the data you as a user generate on the platforms. Examples of such data include the materials you upload, the comments you write and the content which is made available to other users on the platforms. Studydrive GmbH does not actively collect this data and will not be provided to third parties. Yet, we want to emphasize that the user has to be responsible and aware that the uploaded and published data can be accessed by other users.

2. Use of Data

2.1 Inventory data

2.1.1 General use of data

The Studydrive GmbH uses your data to ensure the functionality of the platforms. Your provided data is used to contact you and to manage your account with us.

2.1.2 Use of your email address

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to receive newsletters from Studydrive and Studycrowd. The email you provided will be used for this purpose as well as to send you notifications and information about functional changes on the platforms. Furthermore you will receive information on internship and job opportunities at our corporate partners. This information might also include invitations to recruiting events and related activities. As outlined in the terms and conditions you can unsubscribe the email notification service at any time by email.

2.1.3 Data transmission to third parties

The Studydrive GmbH protects your personal data. Inventory data thus is not handed over to external parties. However there are exceptions. In case the Studydrive GmbH is required by law or court ruling to provide personal data to the authorities or other third parties that have a rightful claim, we will make this data available. This is expected to occur only in cases which affect the security of the platforms and to pursue criminal offenses.

2.2 Usage data

We continuously strive to improve our platforms for our users. In order to do so we try to understand how our platforms are used. Therefore we monitor the usage of the platforms to identify usage patterns, peak usage times and the poularity of certain services and features.

The insights gained will be used to make technical adjustments and functional improvement that will benefit the user. The usage of analytics tools (Google Analytics) and Cookies is therefore crucial to provide the user with an excellent service. The information gathered can help to improve the platforms for our users.

2.3 Content data

2.3.1 Accessibility of your content

The user has full control over which contents he wants to upload and make accessible to other students. This includes any type of files, comments and his personal data. The Studydrive GmbH is the provider of the technical platforms and thus not responsible for the users actions. If the user decides to upload and publish any kind of information, he himself provides it to a third party, namely the other users. The extent to which information is shared by the user is not influenced by Studydrive or Studycrowd. The user has the right to decide for himself which content he wants to make available and which not. The Studydrive GmbH simply provides the means to do so and will not make your confidential personal data publicly available.

2.3.2 Course suggestions and data matching

With Studydrive you will have the option to enroll in several courses. By matching your content with other courses, users, we can give you valuable suggestions with regard to other courses that might be of interest to you. The aim is to provide you with the best information and the greatest value possible. We only use the published content for matching purposes. No personal data will be affected by this practice.

2.3.3 Search functions and activity feeds

Part of your personal information is accessible and searchable by the other users. This includes your name and your university. If users are searching for certain courses, your name will be visible to them. By providing this data publicly on our platforms we ensure communication and information exchange between you and other users.

2.3.4 Dealing with the content data after the termination of the usage agreement

If you decide to terminate the user agreement we will delete your account with Studydrive and Studycrowd. Your account will not be accessible anymore, yet material and comments you published prior to the termination will remain on the platforms and will be available to other users. If you do not approve of this policy, please make sure you delete all content from Studydrive and Studycrowd prior to the termination.

3. Links to Other Sites

The Studydrive and Studycrowd platforms may contain links to other websites and services which are beyond the control of the Studydrive GmbH. Therefore we want to emphasize that you carefully consider which information you provide while using third party websites. The Studydrive GmbH does not assume any liability for the content of these non-affiliated websites. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any kind of information processing by these third party providers.

4. Information requests, cancellation policy

If you are interested in knowing which information Studydrive or Studycrowd collects about you please express your demand via email or mail and we will provide you with an answer. You have the option edit, lock or delete your personal data at any time. In order to do so, please contact Please send a written request in the following format:

  • Last name, first name
  • E-mail Address
  • Address

Identification by a copy of your passport (valid ID)

We want to outline that deleted data may remain visible for a few days due to technical reasons, backup procedures and storage details. The Studydrive GmbH is obliged to ensure data availability. As a consequence, deleted data may remain in the system backup system for a limited time period. However, the information will not be publicly accessible.

For further questions regarding our privacy policy contact: We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

5. Security

We place great importance on the security of our platforms and your personal data. We try to prevent unauthorized access and other improper actions that could harm the rights of our platforms and its users. The Studydrive GmbH constantly works to improve the security for our users.

6. Changes in the policy

The Studydrive GmbH reserves the right to adapt and modify the privacy policy. If there are changes to this policy, you will be informed.