Auction and Mechanism Design (LV 2560550 )

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Can someone upload Gedächtnisprotokoll tomorrow after the exam? That would be really helpful for the ones who take the exam in november :)
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Thanks! He said: “Show me that you understand, answer as clearly as possible so that I can give you more points“ But that‘s all I remember
1) (20 pts.) a) value and bid vector; NE in FPA? (5 pts.) b) value and bid vector; NE in SPA? (5 pts.) c) APA with continuous bid space and two bidders; characterize the NE (last lecture) (10 pts.) 2) (24 pts.) a) state SIPV (4 pts.) b) state optimization problem in a FPA for n=4 (4 pts.) c) state the 4 assumtions from the lecture (4 pts.) d) solve the optimization problem (state whenever you use assumptions) (12 pts.) 3) (16 pts.) SPA; n=3; U[0,2]; F(x)=(x^2)/2 a) state F(2:3)/f(2:3) (calculate for certain value) (4 pts.) b) SPA without reserve; v1=1,3; expectation value and expected profits on the condition that he wins (6 pts.) c) expected revenue for r=1 (6 pts.) (3 is where I am most unsure)
Hey, I wasn't able to attend last week. Would anyone be able to give a basic rundown of what was discussed beyond exercise 4? Thanks.
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Hello, could you please upload the note of the second-last lecture? Known as the content of section II. 1 of this lecture. Thanks a lot.
Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the class on that day
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Hi ! would you be able to explain how one would answer 1)c ,and 3)c ? in 2)c I know the answer is yes but how would it be explained/justified ?
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I think the fact that in a SPA it is a weakly dominating strategy to bid your valuation
does somebody know if we discussed Revenue vs. Welfare 3)c in SS2019? I don't know any lecture about this..
Anybody interested in solving Bonus Exercise 2 (task number 8) together?
hey, we can learn together if you're still finding friends
Did anyone do exercise 2 and could upload his Solution? :)
Did somebody take notes of the last lecture (13.06)? Would be awesome if you could upload it :)
Could somebody please upload their notes from last weeks lecture?:)
I uploaded it :) Do you have the solution for the first exercise?
Does somebody have the solution for the first exercise?
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Are there pages missing?
No, that‘s all I have
Hey Ho, is the lecture worth attending?
Hat jemand das Password für die ILIAS Kurs SS2019? Vielen Dank im Voraus
Vielen Dank!
Hat jemand eine Idee ob irgendlwelche Themen nicht klausurrelevant sind ?
Könnte jemand bitte die Lösungen der Übungen hochladen :)
Hi, schreibt hier noch jemand die Nachklausur und hat Lust zusammen zu lernen ?
Sind die Noten immer noch nicht da?