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the complète version :)

Did we have to read this? Just making sure bc I wasn't at the lecture :)
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is this summary based on the 4th edition of the book?
Yes, the book from last year is the same as this year! At least from what I've seen at the StudyStore :)
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About the guest lecture: It seems as if they never ask about the lecturer company. They just introduce the company itself but then ask about a concept /framework definition from the book. (according to old exams)
In the course manual it says "The written exam is closed book and will consist of 60 multiple choice questions. The exam will cover the following: (a) chapters 1-10 from the textbook by Rothaermel; (b) the three journal articles; (c) the content of the lectures; and (d) class discussions during the tutorial meetings (literature discussion questions, case discussion questions). Please note that you do not need to know the specifics of the cases" so the mini cases aren't relevant. Thanks for the summary :)
Hi sexy stuff! From what I understand (from both the course manual and the course coordinator through my friend) we obviously do not need the details and specifics of the cases. However, I believe we might need the main ideas, understanding what strategies they implemented and why, etc... However, that falls under the category "case discussion questions" that the course manual says is relevant. Anyways, I do not make the exams so I have no clue what will be on it, I just wanted to help. :D