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Stat Full Summary - This is a summary that explains the concept. I will soon post a complete formula sheet that will be much shorter.

Could you explain the difference between 5 and 6? I understand 5 but i don't know when I would have to use Rule 6. Thank you in advance xx
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Hi Anonymous Umbrella, Angie’s explanation is already very good (thank you for that Angie) – I tried to visualize it for you to make it even easier! Hope that helps! Your Success Formula Team - Lena
ahhh thank you so much both of you!!!!
What exactly is the sample space?
Hi! The sample space refers to the "collection of all possible outcomes" in other words, all the possibilities together. E.g. While rolling a dice your sample Space (omega) would be 6. While playing heads or tails your omega would be 2. Hopes this helps :) Good luck for your exams.
This helps indeed. Thank you!
Hello, thank you for your summary, but I think that you just inverted the two error type. The I is about true but we reject it and the II is about false but we don't reject it.
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Hi Angie & Alexandre, Alexandre is indeed right :) Check the picture as an easy way to remember it! Lots of success for the exam! Your Success Formula Team - Lena
Thanks Lena. That helps a lot.
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Thank you so much for the summary. Do you already know when you are going to upload the formula sheet? :)
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Life Saviour!!! :D
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Thank you!!!
No worries :) Good luck for the exams
For you too!! :))