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I also get 37 with the same method... but it says that the answer is 40. Am I missing something on my equation or is it an exam error and the answer 37 is correct?
There is the answer of the exam comments, there was a mistake, the right answer is 37 so don't worry
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and how did you calculate 0.94 in question 46? sorry that i am asking so many questions those are just the last exercises i am working on before the exam..
I wasn't sure about it so I took 1+ the percentage from year 2017 to the power of 7. (0.94)^7
thank you :)
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in question 10 how did you get 0.025?
it's semi annual compound so 0.05/2 = 0.025
You divide the annual risk free rate by 2 since its semi-annual. Then you also gotta put your n from 5 to 10. That way your turning all the annual data they gave you into semi-annual