MIS FULL Summary - All Literature (Fixed Formatting).docx

Uploaded by Shandor Verstappen 693 at 2019-03-27

My apologies for the messed up formatting for the last one, no clue how it happened. But this one has the formatting fixed and contains all discussed articles for MIS 2018/2019. Aricles for the Team Presentations (Mandatory only): https://www.studydrive.net/courses/maastricht-university/management-information-systems/summaries/all-team-presentation-articles-summary/viewfile/619788

Shandor this is unacceptable.
The amount of articles we have to study for this course is as well hahah
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Shandor mah boi blessed us
Glad you like it haha. Goodluck on the exam! :)
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this is amazing, thank you!
Thanks! Goodluck on the exam :) Please note that the mandatory articles for the presentations are in the separate document. This was an accident, sorry! The link is in the description
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Sorry I forgot that this one excludes the mandatory articles for the team presentations. I hope to reach all of you this way. The other articles can be found here: https://www.studydrive.net/courses/maastricht-university/management-information-systems/summaries/all-team-presentation-articles-summary/viewfile/619788 Adding to this: I have understood that the TEDTalks I did summarize and p.12 and p.73 from Brewer are to be excluded as well! Good luck studying!