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all assignments corrected & additional information for the exam + formula + Z table

Why did you divide the 2 by 365? :)
As the goal is to minimze total costs, I think you must add +375La -> Accounting for the costs from all the weeks the project is late. And then add decision variable La above. Or perhaps using the already given one END might also work but not sure how..
That's true :) thanks
Hi, why are we dividing this by 2?
Hi :) In our objective function we calculate the trips from and to department K which consists of: YA1 + YA2 + .. + YF1 + YF2 + .. + YF6. As you can understand from this, we count the traffic twice. Therefore, to have a correct Objective Function, we divide it by 2
How did you find the value of the dummy? :)
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the the 0.23 comes from the regression , like -2.31
I hope it helps :)
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hey Lou, question for p47: can you explain the S/O slack table and how you calculated it? thanks for the doc :)
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but where does the operations remaining order come from>?
It is given as you can see on page 44
How do you calculate this by hand?
the calculation is just under. You also have an example in the test vision.
Hey! I was wondering where you found this value (62 400)?
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Okay maybe i'm missing the point or just haven't figured it out but isn't it supposed to be 624 000 (that is what's on the previous page) and not 62 400
ho yeah Indeed, you are right :) But the answer is still correct, just a tipping mistake
When should demand be = and when should it be >= ? or should always be = ?
In this case, you must meet the demand from the consumers. So the amount you transport should = the demand
Then for the supply: you have a supply of 660 for warehouse 1. Therefore, all units transported from that warehouse should at least be 660 but it can be smaller. You don't have to use the total capacity if it is not needed.