ESBM - Concise Summary All Literature.pdf

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Concise summary of all exam relevant literature and the lecture. Good luck studying everyone!

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Hello everyone! Hope studying is going okay! For those interested: I have reorganised this document (and the missing chapters) into flashcards for open questions! The document is up under the name 'open question exam practice' and can be used on its own or as a supplement to this document. Good luck studying :) xx
Thanks! Appreciate it very much
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Would you say learning only this is enough for the exam?
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Exactly the answer I was looking for thankkkks
Please note that I said ‘to the best of my knowledge’ and do not blindly trust me :)
I think you made a minor spelling mistake? I'm pretty sure it is "informal family arrangements" :)
hahaha yeah that's my autocorrect hahah but fairy arrangements sounds fun though ;)
please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the pre-engagement, initial and advanced phases part of the uppsala model? I'm wondering since in the book they talk about these phases right after defining the uppsala model and never mention what it is part of? :)
I don't have the book with me right now so I cannot look it up for you, however I would say it is not part of the Uppsala model since that model only states that you should take a little step, learn from it, and use the acquired knowledge in your next step. It does not specifically refer to any phases. I think it is more in general that companies follow those three phases, not really related to either model. I just put it below the product life cycle theory because the three phases resemble the steps of the product life cycle theory (pre-engagement = sell in home market - initial = sell abroad - advanced = produce abroad). Hope that clarifies it for you!
thank you!!
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when are you going abroad and which courses do you plan on taking? #askingforafriend
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Why you ask? :)
He is going to try his luck on exchange ;)
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Don't forget that chapters 3 & 4 are also exam relevant :)
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I am definately gonna try, but as I am jam packed with shifts at my work and boatraces (Saurus) I cant make any promises
Summary for the article by Shane and Venkataraman I missed is uploaded!
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Thanks 😍
You're such a rookie