End of Chapter Exercises 7.pdf

Uploaded by Lina S. 18678 at 2018-10-15

Exercise 1-3. I will upload exercises 4-10 tomorrow. If you have any questions / remarks, please ask me :)

Hi! How did you got 5/6?
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Thank you for the fast answer! :D
very welcome :)
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after exercise 3??
I haven’t done 4-10 yet but I will upload them tomorrow!
They are up!! :)
hey thank you so much! Why do you use the derivative times delta?
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thank you!
You’re welcome!
where did you get this y=20
Insert the x value (34) into x+y=54 :)
Then you have 34+y =54 <=> y=54-34 <=> y=20
Hey, just a question, where did the -4 go? I'm not sure if I'm not seeing something here.
Hey, I forgot it, it was my mistake!! :)
Shouldn't it be 4(54-x)^2
Yes! Forgot the 4. Thanks!!