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Summary of key theories of all tutorials, lectures and literature for Corporate Governance. I tried to keep it concise and to the point! Not mistake proof, I’m also just a student! All comments are welcome, lets help eachother out :)

"When shit hits the fan" The only smile in a whole day of studying CG. Thank you
Youre welcome ;)
In the article I think they mentioned that the targeted companies have more takeover defenses instead of low takeover defenses.
Thats right
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Thanks ??
You are welcome
correct me if I'm wrong, I thought noise would also result in using non-financial metrics...?
Think A. Lipstick is correct Exogenous noise is the level of precision with which the performance measure provides information about the manager’s actions. If there is more noise, it means that there is more uncertainty about how much influence the manager has on the performance measure with the actions the manager takes. (1p) The authors expect that the more exogenous noise there is in financial performance measures, the more weight is placed on non-financial performance measures. (1p) Source: Ittner, Larcker and Rajan (1997)
Ahhh perfect! Thanks for clearing that up!
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so great, thanks!! is this complete enough to pass the exam?
This is a summary of all the exam required literature, so in that sense it shoul be enough to pass, but I cannot promise you a save pass, that is up to you ;) however, I can tell you that to the extent of my abilities I think these are the key points they want you to know, and this is what i will be studying from ? Please do keep in mind, they will probably ask insight-questions for which this is only background info, and you need to do the magic yourself
I think you meant systemic risk there :)
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Np, great work tho
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The Zoe Zwiebelmann of our year
Hahahah I’m feeling honoured!
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I love you
Hahaha thanks