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I'm not sure for some questions so feel free to comment your answers :)

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why u not verder dan m
mistake from my computer. it was erase for no reason
i) i: where do you get those values from?
you have to look at the H2 and for instance: for the start: a dummy which starts from zero, becomes one in the year in which an ERP implementation is started, and remains one
Thank you 🙏
I don't understand how you can have more adopters than firms? Should we also divide the adopters by 13?
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You‘re welcome :)
1849 distinct firms in the dataset (24,037/13) 313 of those firms are adopters (4069/13) correct that way! thanks :)
By saying log(pretaxincome)=adpoter*.133+log(asset), do they mean ln(pretaxincome)=adpoter*.133+ln(asset)? Thanx
yes, exactly. In this case log is the natural logarithm.
Where did you get -0.029 from?
ln(0.971)= -0.029428
you do it to get rid of -0.029*log (on the left side). I hope it helps :)