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Hope this helps!

I don't get this constraint, can you explain? TYSM
It's just to say that you can't produce more than what you are capable of, so Production <= Capacity :)
I don't get this part, even with the explanation you wrote below. In my view, inventory costs in the objective function should be: I1+I2....+I7 Because you have 2*Ii/2 for all i E.g. Inventory Cost in Period 2 will be: 2*I2/2 = I2 (you get rid of the 2s and left with simply I) Similarly, if it was given that inventory cost per unit is 5 dollars instead of 2, then I would write it as: 5*I2/2 = 2.5I2 (in the objective function) and then do the same for all i. If I am wrong then what do I get wrong, can you help? Thanks in advance.
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Idk if that’s clearer, but I hope so
Okay, more clear now, thanks.