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All assignments from tut 5 to 12

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For problem 8, assignment 7, why do you still need to subtract the 1476,92 from the 4 million?
This one is not explained the easier way but if you check the lecture of week 7, then it is explained super eaasily
Hey! Where to find lecture of week 7 please?
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For problem 21 assignment 20, are you sure it's right? Shouldn't it first be calculated the new ROP point with the fixed-interval method (as I understand they're asking us for) and after calculate the new z value?
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for a fixed interval model there is no ROP, as you are always ordering in fixed intervals
Thanks Julie. And Anonymous Knife, I realized I miswrote it, I meant that as in that part we are supposed to not do the ROP but to calculate a new order size with the fixed interval method
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ohhh my god thanks