how did the exam go for you guys?
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Okay that is strange, maybe you should write an email to the course coordinator and he can solve this issue, but on Friday latest they also should post a chart with ID numbers and sub grades, so it should be there as well.
Ok thank you!
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great summaryyyy do you by any chance have Chapter 4 aw?
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you are an angel
can someone upload the mock exam pleasee?
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r u kidding me ? :D
I wish I was 😅
hi guys! what are your thoughts on the book? still wondering whether I should buy it or not
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Yes! We never know what can happen haha If it's still fine for you to send it!!
I just emailed it to you!
Hi everyone! Good luck with the exam tomorrow! Can any of you upload the answers to the long questions, it would be a huge help for my preparation, or send me directly... Thank you in advance!
Hi! Some people already did but you can also check out the answers people gave in the discussion board. sorry can't help much :/
Are they joking about the mocks all the time?
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What’s wrong with it?
Soooo annoying
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can the ND model explain neofunctionalism and intergovernmentalism? can they be explained using the teleological explanation or the functional explanations?
Guys there is something that I don’t understand , the exam of SMEI will only consist of two assignment both containing a long exam questions ( variation of those we had on the portal ) ? No exercices, no theory questions only long exam questions ??
as far as i understood, yes: two assignments, each containing one long question. Anyway, tomorrow at 10 a mock exam should be published, so maybe then we'll know better!
I thought the same but then I think they only wanted to test if we could submit the assignments correctly..
Sub-States can withdraw from the EU WITHOUT the coop of the EU etc
yess, sorry:(
all good, thanks for your doc!
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1st question correction: Instead of saying reason it is better to say human autonomy. With reason I meant the human ability to make rational, reasonable decisions but after the discussion I realized that the AUTONOMY TO MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS is a better way to express it.
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life saver!!
hey, I just posted the long exam question on sovereignty! The rest will follow tomorrow :)
does anyone have a good timeline for the eu?
should be 'not all legal rules are legal-rule-based'
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i rellly like your answers! im wondering that did you answer another long questions under the examination materials?
I did but I am not sure about them so I won't post them, I'm just bad at economics.
I will upload the last question soon tho, cause its not about econ
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may i say, you are a hero
Hey guys could someone tell me which questions/ tasks are mandatory for each tutorials?
I think it's hard to say, even the tutors don't exactly know what to do and what not to do.. but if anyone has an answer??...
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Hi! Just downloaded 10 of your documents, would appreciate if you could also do the same for me :)
Anyone has the tasks for this week tutorial ? Please save my ass
they're uploaded here
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What type of document is this? I couldn 't open it.
Oh, I'm very sorry! I created this document with pages
it would be great
Does anyone have the completed tasks for tutorial 4? Having a lot of trouble answering everything.
I was not ready for maths, anyone understood first question? thank you
Hi! Unfortunately I could not attend any tutorials yet. I saw that the assessment of the course is based on Exam and Presentation. Could someone please explain the Presentation part?) PS. I saw it on the website of Maastricht Uni and not in the course book! Thank you
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Thank you, I assume it is from last year, the website just did not update the information.
yes, last year they had a presentation, now a lot changed
Is there any benefits to attending these tutorials?
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I think that if your tutor is not being helpful or is not teaching you well, you can file a complaint about it. I am not sure what is the right procedure but I am certain that the study desk at the law faculty can you give you more information.
I think it’s a personal evaluation. Do you get a lot out of your tutorials? Do they help you? I like tutorials and I tend to benefit a lot from them, but some tutors aren’t as good as others and sometimes I’m behind and I’d benefit better from self-study. Try to go if/when you can and maybe do more self-study or group study with friends to make up for the below-par tutorials. If your tutor really is that bad, you could file a complaint as above. It’s all how you evaluate it.
guys, how grades from presentations look like? u can get either 0 or 1 or e.g. 0.5 as well?
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+1? u mean that for one presentation u can get 1 point? or only 4 possible grades?
Those are the possible grades. But perhaps other tutors mark differently.
Someone knows how to calculate your grade? (taking into consideration the 2 points already giving during the tutorials)?
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thank you!
how do you know how to calculate it?
How many raw points (without the gambling correction) does one need to pass? Or in this case to get 4/8 points? I know, I should be able to do that on my own and I think I did but I'm a little confused and just want to double check :)
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Without your presentations/open questions you indeed need 5.5/8 to pass which means you need 21/30 to be sure to pass with only the MCQ If you want to calculate what your MCQ exam will amount to in your final grade what you do is : (your points from the exam/30) x 8 - to that they will add the points of the presentations/open questions
Every mc-exam at UM uses a gambling theory, the calculation for the mc-part is therefore: ((Number of question you got right) - (1/4 of the amount of total questions)) : (3/4 of the amount of total questions)
The mock exam was an absolute joke compared to the real one!!!
Absolutely agree!
Do you guys think the questions will be picked from the reader?
Don’t think so :/
I can't imagine that he picked the questions from the reader! Honestly, I'm really afraid that they're gonna be much harder than the ones in the mock exam :(
Can someone explain the difference between permission and competence, please?
Permission is the extent to which you can perform something to which you have no obligation towards while competence is the extent to which a certain entity with legal status can bring about legal consequences
Can someone explain to me how the producer surplus on the mock exam is 0? Because to me it seems that there should be a producer surplus, since P-chip is willing to sell at 22 and the market price is 24 and there is still demand.
the market price is at 22 "To keep things relatively simple, we only consider three possible market prices: 20, 22 and 24 gaps. From the three prices under consideration, the domestic market price is the lowest price at which all demanded bags of chips are also offered" the only price that is the lowest AND at which all demanded bags of chips are also offered is 22 : 250 000 offered and 250 000 demanded at that price Since P-chip sells his bags at 22/bag and that theoretically he sells them all (since again, there is 250 000 bags demanded at the price of 22/bag, and he offers 250 000 bags) there is no producer surplus Hope that helps! If not i can try to reformulate :)
Thanks <3
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Thanks so much, a life saver!
this one is one of the best out there
I agree
SMEI is only 30 multiple choice questions right? No open questions?(I did both the presentations)
How do I differentiate what is important from what isn't while reading the source materials for the exams?
Go through the summaries you can find on studydrive, and see if they more or less match what you have in your summaries, try to see what is repeated in the lecture and in the materials, and see what the questions for the tutorials were! That should already help a lot! :)
Work backwards. Try to get your hands on some past exams with the mark schemes and figure out what they want to see. Then read the cases for each week and go through them with the same 'scheme'. That will allow you to then go through the book with the right mindset that the markers want to see.
Can someone explain how the migration crisis affects the sovereignty of the EU Member States pleasee
To find a solidary and common policy that would work fairly for all member states, the member states would have to give up on part of their sovereignty to grant the necessary powers to deal with the crisis to the EU. But the Member States hold on too tightly to their sovereignty, and the EU can't do much… For example, the 4th Dublin regulation is still on the table, and the proposition for a "safe countries" list to which asylum seekers may be sent back has been abandoned in 2017
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Thank you very very much for you efforts on these summaries. I'm sure a lot of people are grateful for you :)
chapter 6
Can someone please explain me what the asymmetric shock means?
An asymmetric shock is when one country will experience a shock (such as the disease in the vineyards in Germany (syllabus example)), but an other country will not experience that shock - in this context, the shock affects the country's economy - Shock : it affects the German economy - Asymmetric : the shock doesn’t hit every country
thanks a lot! :)
Can someone please explain the link between neofunctionalism and Euroscepticism?
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Nicely done! Tyvm :)
Any news on the results? It was written they would have been announced within four weeks of the date of the exam, and yet nothing has been published...
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It took them more than 4 weeks last year as well
They are out
How and where do you write à complain about the exam of smei ?
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It was yesterday..
Please abstain from complaining unless your complaint is FOUNDED!
The key answers for the exam are online under Course Material. I don't know if you see them due to there was no announcement on the Student Portal. Good luck everyone if you have resits.
How are we feeling about the SMEI exam?
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That would seem logical. If only they reflected that in the actual question.
Guys, I emailed the lecturer about question 3b (and also but to a lesser extent 3a) because the question asks for CAUSES but the answer key expects EFFECTS. The question(s) asks to describe the challenge (itself!) and not necessarily the consequences or effects of this. Please do the same! (if it applies to you, or if you're a Helpful Henry and want to help out!) Unfortunately the lecturer replied that the corrector for this question is gone until 16 april so we will have to wait a looooong time for the grade (and ofc that she will pass on the comment to him/her).
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You can include the Merger Treaty which compiled the EEC, the ECSC, and Euratom into one community (EC) with one single Commission. The Merger Treaty is signed in Luxembourg
Hi guys, I found a timeline of the treaties and what they founded etc. It's from wikipedia so maybe not the most reliable source, but it might help giving an overview. Here's the link:
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thanks a lot, do you also have other lectures ?
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No problem :) and good luck with the exams!
Just uploaded lecture 6
Made a quizlet (flashcard system) with past exam MC questions for myself so might as well share! Hope it helps some of you :) Here's the link:
We need more people like you in this faculty.
For those of you who like flashcards, here are mine. I can't share them under documents but I'll put the link here :)
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That's awesome thank you !!
You're more than welcome!
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