Hey guys :) It could be that if everyone sends an email regarding the same issues, then perhaps we could have a similar situation as with Finance that we all get extra points due to issues with the paper. Issues to address: - The Statistics questions were wildly different to the sample questions we had prepared for and thus we could not be expected to be able to solve these new questions in such a short amount of time. - Although we had extra time this should have been in relation to an exam of the same difficulty as last time, however this exam was much harder and so the extra time we were given in Statistics then cancels out and there is still the same issue with timing as in the last paper. Also, similarly there were a lot more calculations to do than last time which also took up a lot of time. - Many mistakes were entirely based on having to rush through complex case study questions at such a rate, and not being able to even finish the paper. We were not being tested on our knowledge and ability in Quants but our ability to rush and guess.
how did you get to this number
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Does someone have the actual exam of this in a pdf file or something? Can't find it on Studydrive...
Don't forget to register for the QM2 exam on the 17th of July!!!! EVERYONE HAS TO REGISTER!!!!
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@sels Yes. The link stated in the email everyone got.
The resit schedule everyone got in their email. Apparently they can't add it in the timetable.
What did everyone think of the town hall meeting?
A way to calm us down, but nothing's changed and they seem to be holding their ground.
They didn’t say anything different than what we already knew.
Do you see any chance that they will at least adjust the passing criteria because of the volume of complaints?
Have you guys received the email about QM2 ? Like the exam is INVALID* ?
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They can't make these kinds of decisions based on rumours. And I doubt that someone turned in screenshots of chats with others about the exam...
Everyone should send a formal complaint to the examination board about this ^. If they can't deliver hard evidence, they can't make such a decision.
is there any way to check our grades for each quiz? I'm pretty sure I didn't show up to one of them but not 100% sure
I believe he sent you an excel document a while ago when corona started with all quiz scores. That doc shows when you were there or not.
Current mood after studying hard for an Exam just to get it declared invalid: 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿
Hey guys, do you know how to register for a resit?
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I couldn’t participate, so NG. Then I need to register myself, but how? There is no registration window. Maybe after the results are official they will tell how to do it
From what I understood from surfyourself is that between the 6th and 9th you can register. please ask them and don't hold me accountable
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What the actual Fock is this
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huh?? say something good or stfu
well that was just fucking terrible! you can study hard, feel ready for the exam, do well on past exams and BAM they still manage to fuck you at the real exam
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maths was kind of a bitch but stats really was quite fair
maths was way too much time and stats was way too little time. A fucking partial f-test right at the end??
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really bad document, you don't understand anything
fuck u
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you made a bunch of mistakes buddy
Thanks for the feedback! If you could point them out it would be helpful for everyone !
Lol, it's actually a great document. Thanks! All these trolls lately on studydrive are depressing haha.
does anyone know why here are two minus signs?
minus and minus is plus
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Cool thankssss!!
no problem :)) Good luck tomorrow
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Guys, are we sure this is correct ?
why isn't it 4 here I don't understand ???? since 0.25 = 1/4 multiplying by 4 make more sense ?
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I understood see thank you for your help
Very welcome :)!
Hey does someone have an overview of the chapter changes from the 3rd version of the stats book to the 4th version? e.g. chapter 9 in 3rd version is chapter XX in the 4th version. Thank you!
Could anyone explain this? the answer key is much confusing (1st sit 2017-2018)
nvm, the resit it is...
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do you really think that this is helpful enough?
For me this was pretty helpful But I guess that’s an individual question depending on your prior knowledge and what you want to achieve
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was already uploaded wtf
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What a spam
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unnecessary this is already uploaded
The df got the pooled t-test should be: n1 + (n2 - 2)
Are there any solutions for QM2 week 7 old quiz questions? I cant find any, please help
Should be on the course page
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thank you!
You are welcome! :)
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This doesn't contain all the chapters we studied this period lol
Which ones are missing ?
How do you calculate Sd?
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And you take the SQR of the number you calculated
Hi There! Would you like to help me with my thesis and win a Amazon Voucher up to 15$? Please do this Learning and Memory Game on Portuguese Words: https://maastrichtuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0P1eCGYut7knjjn Thank you! Pedro Garcia Marques :)
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Excellent job
what about g?
just look in the book at the end of page 675
How do you get to the value 0.85 as the necessary decrease to be profitable?
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great work! I've been looking for something like this for a while now :) thanks!
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thanks Gigi
Can you explain this more specifically. I don't get how you find the 183, 185, 180
same calculations like in 7.1 d) just different numbers Price = 168.565 +0.053 x 336.238 - (0.15 x 21.174) = 183.210 183.210 - 3.017 = 180.193 183.210 + 2.079 = 185.289
In the 'Brief Solutions' file, the right solution is this but instead 4P1-P2-P3. Why did they left out the 4's for P2 and P3?
I Think ist a mistake in the Brief Solutions
Do you guys know, how we get the df nominator 2? Like I don't know how to get the number
Hi guys :) If anybody is looking for a QM2 tutor, I know somebody who has a lot of experience and does really good tutoring. She's also offering it online and has done so for a while now so it works really well. She's gonna start a weekly group revising all the topics that have come up so far in QM2 before the exam in June as well. If you'd like the contact just message me on WhatsApp at 00491789149648! :)
Hi guys, I just found a great website where you can buy & sell your used university books! It's called Study-Books. Actually pretty cool and the books look like new :) just wanted to let you know. very nice if you wanna save some money for the next period. check it out: www.study-books.com
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Are these the corrected answers?
So if we increase it by 1 million, it still doesn't affect the optimal solution? That wouldn't make sense. Since the coefficient is -5 (MINUS), you have to look at the Allowable DECREASE of the coefficient. Since this is 1.167, the optimal solution is indeed not affected.
Hi guys! As we all know now we don’t have meetings anymore because of Covid-19. This situation is not beneficial for us since we won’t be prepare enough for the final exam. My friends and I were thinking about a fair solution. We come up with an idea; to cancel the 2 final weeks that we won’t have (week 6&7) in the exam. We are many people that agreed with this solution, but I need more people to convince them to accept this solution. Indeed, how do you want us to pass an exam on something that we’re not able to do? What about our meetings? Quizzes? Lectures? (Even if they want to upload lectures of last year, it’s not enough) If you agree with this solution or have another alternative, please feel free to comment on this post. Together, we will go through this annoying situation!
good idea, we can try
Can you explain the variables please? C1 and C2 are the types of crude oils right? The first constraint means that what is produced of type A oil is at least 120000 but don't we get 0.6 from c1 and 0.4 from c2 which would imply 0.6c1 +0.4c2>= 120000 ?(same logic for the second constraint)
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a lot of mistakes! you suck
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very nice work!
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thank you ! very nice work
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why 40 and 15 as variables?
that's the solution provided by excel
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