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Guys I am mentally at the end. Went through all the lecture slides etc. But when I started doing an exam today I was so lost. Do you have any tips and suggestions? I am dying
Hi friends, just want to ask does anyone have the pdf or txt version of Quantitative Method for Economics and Business II (QMII)?
hey! What do you mean with this? (the p-value on the z-table part)
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Wrong formula for SE for two sampled t test
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you're a life saver!! I would have failed if it weren't for this, thank you so much holy shit!
heyyy! has someone got a copy of the quiz questions of week 4? if so, could you upload a pic? :)
Is this correct? because my hw states that reject on 10% and 5% fail to reject
high speed
sir this is a wendys drive through
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You awesome man
Where does this come from?
Hi guys :) If anybody is looking for a QM2 tutor, I know somebody who has a lot of experience and does really good tutoring. She's also offering it online and has done so for a while now so it works really well. She's gonna start a weekly group revising all the topics that have come up so far in QM2 before the exam in June as well. If you'd like the contact just message me on WhatsApp at 00491789149648! :)
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thank you so muvh
Have you done end of chapter 6 & 7 for week6? If yes it would be really helpful if you could upload them too.
could someone please upload their end of chapter for math for week 6? PLEASE :)
How did u get to 18 and 12 years?
total number of car sold per year/ the quantity ordered
Hey, I dont really get the 3. step of the inverse calculations. Which numbers do you have to muliply and how to you get the results not connected to you "arrows"?
actually the 15 should swap with the -2 and then it would be correct
you first multiply the first and second column where 1*4 is the positive diagonal and 2*0 the negative one, then you add them up and this forms the 4 in the first entry
where do u find pe ?
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You made a mistake calculating the SE(μ), its actually 21,7 so the answer is c
Yep, you're right. I did correct that already though in the document. Thanks anyways.
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Hi Nomad! Just had a look and downloaded your documents (good stuff!), would appreciate if you could have a look and download mine too :)
This become [478.13;549.98} Which makes it answer C
I made an error calculating the terms. The answer is 21.66 of course.
of exercise 3 after the first r3 minus r2 in the RHS I
You simply subtract 1 (r2) from 2 (r3) and you get 1
where did you get the 1 in position 3,3
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Is exercise 7 reasoning correct?
can you do that? Aren't we supposed to do an operation on 1 (here you do an operation on 2)
with 2 and 3 it is not, it is problematic. for the sake of the exercise, ignore
((50-55.022)^2 / 55.022) + ((57-45.628)^2/ 45.628)+ ((15-21.35)^2/21.35) = 5.181
p2 = 0.374. p3 = 0.175
p1= 0.451
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why do you multiply 2 with H and P in the last step of q. 1???
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Could you explain what youve done for q8
Each operation in green next to the row in question changes that row and is added or subtracted or multiplied or divided (whatever the sign is) to the row that the green arrow leads to
Professional photographer here
yea on one page its a bit fuzzy but you can zoom and read it still
professional lazy and complaining child here
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this is horrible
one page is a bit fuzzy but you can zoom and still read it, I had some issues with the resolution
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12) b) Should be v3 = M^2 * v1 ?
I got the same answer
Here you are obtaining a column. Ex 10(a) asks for the 1st row resulting from AB
Noticed that in the tut today haha my mistake
Isnt F correct? After brackets E times AC results, obtaning 5,4 * 4,2 Your case the result is AC*E not same as E*AC
Yes you are correct, thank you for pointing it out :)
I find 7.223 using the same calculation as in the answer sheet. Can someone explain why the correct answer is C ?
Any complaints?
Can anyone provide a full explanation/calculation? I seem to make a mistake at taking the derivative of each lagrange. I get for derivate of g: p^2 - 50/sqr root g * lambda and the answer say something different but basically the same....
On the success formula slides for Maths, Page 23. How did the last row become 0 10 12
i get we used gaussian elimination but why?
Resit exam version LU year15-16 (exam+answer sheet links are below). Regarding question 2, Why dont we use pooled t test? sample variance man/woman is smaller than 3. file:///Users/MaartenVerheij/Downloads/EBC103435%20Resit%20Exam%201516_2%20version%20LU.pdf file:///Users/MaartenVerheij/Downloads/EBC103435%20Resit%20Exam%201516_2%20answers.pdf
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Does anyone have the answers to the end of chapter excercises for week 1? They don't match the answer key posted on UM Portal. Is this the same for every week?
could anyone explain how to get s, I manage to get to w, but when plugging it into the constraint I dont seem to get to the answer.
can anyone explain how to get to r'(k)=-1/2 ?
Isn't the second derivative of L''yx = 1 - 2Lagrange ? It's noted as 1 - Lagrange
You're right it should be 1-2Lagrange
can someone upload the answers to the inchapter excercises week 7? struggling hard time here
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