I was super confident to pass the exam and to find out I did not is extremely disappointing. How can I request a copy of my exam?
you need to go to My links< My law< Exam information < Exam inspection < and then litarally read the whole text there until you find a blue linke which states that you can get ur exam there. HOWEVER, it can only by accessed by a computer of the university or faculty and only in a very limited time range of a few days. The faculty's staff really doesnt facilitate it for us to enjoy our right of objection as you can see...
Do we need to know the UN Convention on the ITNL Sale of Goods?
I don't think so.. All the cases I've seen so far, it was mentioned that it is excluded.
Does anyone have a good definition of classification/characterization? Not the approaches, but the terminology itself. I know what it means, I just can't put it into "legal terms".
determining to which legal field a certain dispute belongs and then to be able to determine the applicable conflict rule?
do we need to know child abduction? didnt cover in tutorials
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Sweet! thanks. Seems a lot more complex also
Does the same apply for parental responsibility?
What do we need the first reference (the one on the Tampere European Council) for? with the whole printing (or lack thereof) mess going on, I'm wondering if I need to print it or not...
We dont need it
can someone explain the lex fori and lex causae approach in light of classification/characterization?
Lex fori approach (independent approach): you classify an international case based on the lex fori (the domestic law of the country) Lax causae approach (dependent approach): you classify an international case based on the lex causae (the law that is applicable to the case according to the conflict rule)
could someone explain to me the hierarchy of Art. 4 of Rome 1 Regulation pleaseee I really don't get it
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First art. 3 Then check if the weaker party provision apply(Art. 5-8) Then art. 4 (order for section of the article : 3 / 1 / 2 / 4) Overriding mandatory rule : Art. 9 Exclusion of renvoi : art. 20
Thank you so much guys!!!
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For the place of delivery, should we use Color Drack or Car Trim?
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For Task 3 week 1, it is actually not only Dutch law that can be the applicable law, but also German law. Article 7 (Rome II) (special rules) refers to environmental damage, stating that the law shall be determined by Article 4 (1), OR the person that seeks compensation can choose to base his claim on the law of the country in which the event giving rise to the damage occurred. (Germany)
Does someone has a specific list of the relevant ECJ case law to know for the year 2019-2020 ??
guys, do we have to know how to apply the Vienna Convention on the Sale of Goods? My tutor mentioned it a few times but I don't know if we have to mention it in the exam
No, you dont have to. If CISG pops up theyll be specific with the article you need.
No. You have to mention it in case of sale of goods, but if it is relevant, it will be mentioned in the task (my tutor said that).
Does somebody know if we have to know the lecture slides about international child abduction? Thank you!
Personally, I don't think so.. We did mention during the tutorial that it exists, but did not talk about it anything else. Maintenance and parental responsibility are more important.
What kind of history of PIL/ doctrine questions can we be asked on the exam?
Hi! Could someone explain 'exceptio litis pendentis'. I don't really understand as most definitions i can find seem to refer more to the concept of lis pendens than actually explaining what the exception to lis pendens is.
Hey! Does somebody have good tutorial notes for Week 2 and 3? I was unfortunately sick and could not attend.
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are u sure of the answer for Q2?
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Hi! Yes, all the notes I have are in the documents uploaded, from tutorial I to VI of this course! You can have a look in my profile :)
Good look with your exams!
Does anyone have the course book? If you do, upload it pleaseeee!
Hey everyone, I was wondering whether one of you would have a list with the order of the Regulation provisions that we should use. Because I am not sure what is the logical order to apply the articles of the Regulations and my tutor did not give us the order. Thanks in advance
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It is always from the most specific to the general rule. We kind of made an order in the tutorials: It was most of the time Special conflict rules -> Choice of law -> General conflict rule
Hey does somebody know how we have to use the Hague Conventions? Especially the 1996 on child protective measures and the 1980 on child abduction. We have them in the reader and they were shortly mentioned in the lecture but we do not really have literature about them and never used them Also, why do we have the tampere European council and the hague convention on choice of court agreements in the reader?
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Hi, I made some flashcards with these latin terms. If you are interested, they are available at: https://www.studydrive.net/flashcards/latin-terminology/11181
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I really like that you ordered the words by category, it makes it easier to study
hey guys! Has anyone the 2017 PIL exam by chance?
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Would you please upload the document again because it is not accessible.