For everyone who's interested in what type of questions the FSS19 exam contained: 1st part, Organization: - 15 Points on short-answer questions - these questions were not like in the HRM part, but small cases and some theoretical questions at the end - example: Case about a company using telecommuting, you are asked to first name advantages and disadvantages and then apply these (dis-)advantages to the situation of the described company - 30 Points on essay-style questions - 2 cases, 15 points each - again describing a theoretical concept and then applying it to the given situation, this time maybe a little bigger focus on the application - GUEST LECTURES: there were 2 questions related to guest lectures, one of them a 15 points question, but: all questions related to guest lectures could have been answered without ever looking at the guest lecture as there was sufficient information in the task description. Knowing the guest lectures maybe helps to know the right answer more quickly but is not necessary 2nd part, HRM: - the 2nd part was pretty much like the old exam that was provided by the chair - the short questions were much more time consuming than in the old exam, because almost every question asked for a definition and not just 1 or 2 words - the essay style questions all followed the same concept: recommend a selection method (/ performance management method / form of pay) that best fits the situation of the company and refer to the criteria of effective selection methods in your argumentation when it seems appropriate - there was no question related to the guest lecture Generally: - the exercises were relevant in both parts - there's a big focus on the application in both parts, so make sure not to only learn all bullets points but to apply and understand the concepts - hurry up, many people had time issues - GOOD LUCK :-) (feel free to correct me or contribute more ideas that could help others)
Hey, do you remember some specific questions that have been asked?
Hat jemand Tipps für die Klausuren?
vergiss die Übungen nicht! Sie sind zwar theoretisch aber sehr hilfreich für die Klausur :)