Does anyone remember any of the questions they asked on the first sit exam this year?
Is it fine to study for the exam only by the summaries of the chapters and articles provided here?
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are all articles included ?
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Are all the articles included ?
Yes except the swot analysis one I didn't know until yesterday that it was exam relevant. But there all article we had to read for the tutorials. :)
Should be session 10 sorry
Regarding Session 10, McGrath (2013) Transient Advantage Article: For which industries should Transient Advantage be most beneficial and for which ones less so?
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Does anyone know whether this is the newest version? :) The cover is slightly different in the studystore..
Yes it is! well its the first edition and thats the one we need according to the course manual
Hi Guys! I couldn't make it today. Can someone tell me what they took at the exam? If you remember some questions it would be great! Thanks a lot!
expects you to apply the theory to a case given, so alongside theory there is a bit of creativity in your answers to the certain questions. Also way more demanding that expected, and it requires more than just briefly knowing things, you really need to understand them.
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thanks :) great summary
amazing summary! thx a lot :)
Nice summary! Can you upload this as a doc file as well?
Any old exam ?
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wrong chapter!
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I like the summary, but I was wondering why you left out so much in Chapter 3?
Just realised that I somehow did not copy all of it when combining all my summaries. I will upload it separately!
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omg this is god send. thanks!
Yes thank you a lot ! You save me with this relevant sumary !
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Hi, I love your summaries! Are you planning on doing more summaries for week 7 but also for prior weeks? That would be super perfect!
hey unfortunately I have a lot to do before exams so I don't think I'll do other summaries :( (except if I see that some content has not been covered on studydrive)
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are you planning on doing summaries also for the upcoming chapters and articles? would really appreciate it !
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perfect thanks :)
jo man, have you made some further summaries? They are really good!
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hey will you upload a summary for "chapter 4: all competitors react" as well?
if there is no summary for chapter 4 and I have time I will :)
could anybody post the answers for the Tuscan case (from week 3)? Thank you!
just to let you know, it's not exam relevant
Did anyone calculate the Tuscan Lifestyles case?
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kind remark: You are using a different book.
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Could u send me the link where you've found it?
Youtube Link of the publisher talking about each chapter individually! Check it out before you go to sleep
Is there anything important we need to know for the exams? Like did your tutors say anything in the last TUT?
Exam is made by the course coordinator only as far as I know, we'll get 4 different cases (like the practice one) on the exam
ok, I found the practice exam really hard. but definitely nothing about markstrat, right?:)
does anyone have a summary of Naik?
Writing it right now :)
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Nice! Thank you :-) will you also do summaries for the other articles?
I´ll try :)
Could we please all complain about buying 3 licences? One should be enough after having bought a new book for just 5 weeks.... !
If you are following the course Brand Management, you're gonna need the book there too
does anyone have the markstrat participant handbook?
Where are our super summary writers ?!
hey guys! could you manage to do the case on Tuscan LifeStyles ? I don't really understand the calculations
kind of but i m sure i made a mistake somewhere
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You are the MVP <3
Hey guys does anyone have a PDF of the textbook? Would really appeciate
Where are the guided questions? I couldn't find them on the blackboard......
They are in the course manual, Tutorial 1: Be prepared to discuss your answers during class: What are the foundations of marketing strategy? 1. Whyisthemarketalwayschanging? 2. CanyouexplaintheFirstPrinciplestermusingprinciplenumber4? 3. Whatdoesthechainratiotellusonhowtogeneraterevenueandhowdoesit influence the marketing strategy development? 4. Canyoufindanexampleofafirmwhichhelpsexplainhowthemarketing principles work or worked for them (or not)?
Thanks a lot!
Anyone knows where to find an e-book of the textbook?