Hi, sind für die Klausur auch alle Paper relevant auf denen die Vorlesujngsfolien basieren? Oder reichen die Vorlesungsfolien, samt Case-Studies?
Hi Leute, ich konnte leider nicht an der letzten Vorlesung teilnehmen. Wurde da etwas zu der Gruppeneinteilung gesagt? Und sollten nicht die Vorlesungen aufgezeichnet und hochgeladen werden?
Hey guys. I have a question regarding the current case (local motors). In the first question it is asked to outline the relationship to the three different groups: their designers, the other community members and costumers. However I am a bit confused about who is meant with "their designers": the designers from their online paige or their actually designers working for them. Because I can't find much information about the designers really working for local motors, but also I am confused about the other community members because mostly in the case when they talk about the community, they mention designers. Hope somebody can help :)
when will we receive the next questions for case 2?
about a week before the submission
Hello everyone, does somebody knows what he /she is gonna write for question 2 ( Was the product worth the investment?). Thanks in advance
anyone else in the group?