By the way just to save everyone some money, technically not every person needs that gaming license for a whooping 80€. I myself consider it way too much and ridiculous. I spoke with a second year student who said only one person per group needs it. Then you just do the work together in a meeting and share the costs. Thank me later.
Can confirm!
does this still work if we can't meet? (because of the virus)
when do we know who are the other member of our team? or do we choose them ourselves?
what happens if I don't take this course in my first year?
How do they check if we attend the lecture?
you have to find and sign your name on a long list of names, so they probably just check who didn't sign.
Hey, does anyone know what to expect for the quiz tomorrow? thanks
I heard that last year it was an open book exam, but I am not sure though. Especially what it's gonna be this year
it is open book, the lecturer confirmed that during today's class
Hey, in the course manual it says we have to come to lectures + tutorials and that our participation grade depends on it. How can they check if we really go to the lectures? Thanks in advance for your answers ;)
you don't have to attend all, 9 out of 11 are mandatory
And what about the lectures?
Hello Everyone, I am an exchange student, and I wonder is the course "Management Game" hard or is there a lot of materials to read/prepare for each class? Thank you so much for your response in advance! have a wonderful day!
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Hello Niko! sorry for disturbing, but i just saw that there are player's manual that was uploaded by previous students, and i saw that was around 100pages reading, so i mean do we need to read all of them in order to be able to do the game? and are they hard to understand? (i didn't go through it in details) thanks.
Bro its chill time only