Hey everyone, the resit is approaching and I am a little worried about the Glasperlenspiel. Does anyone have any additional tips? :-)
Last year he told me that you have to add another concept from the course to the connection to get more points. Not always possible of course, but yea
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dear stranger you're probably gonna save a lot of people's exam with this doc ahah
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you rock!
all these comments are giving me the validation i need to survive m&m lol
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whoever you are, you are an angel sent from heaven <3 :')
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thank you kind stranger <3
ahaha you're welcome !
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Hey Lasagna, are you still gonna upload your summaries for problem 8 and 9? I was using yours as a template and added more information on them. It would be nice if you could upload the other two. I think they are really good summaries!
Sure, I'll upload them right now. Stay healthy xx
Hey there, is there anybody up to study for M&M together regularly in a group or just together? Would be cool to motivate and help one another. Cheers
what has changed from last year? (tasks / articles)
Does someone have an overview of the broadest concepts and what belongs to which category ?
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thanks allot for this, how did you get the questions? are they made up or translated from an old exam? thanks
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do you also have the answers to the multiple choice questions? :)
the key is on the last page @karlotta
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You must be god
Hey there, lovely people :) How would you recommend preparing for M&M? I heard that the multiple choice questions were supposed to be super-difficult :(
fml man
Was this an article? Can't find it on the literature list Btw, thanks for your summaries my dude, much appreciated
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Do you also have a summary of the Armstrong (2015) article?
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You angel!!!
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thank you!! :D
Could somoeone explain how to solve question 8?
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i think he is not allowed to ask you to calculate such thing only thing he could ask you to calculate is dot product because for that you dont need a calculator
Oh yes thanks for that, that's relieving me! :D
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Hey, First of all I want to thank you for these great summaries. I have also used it for consciousness. Is there a possibility by any chance that you could upload more summaries for M & M ?
Hello! Did someone answer the questions of the ACT-R task? Thanks:)
I'm following :) because I'm lost :(
I feel you...
I am not sure but do you mean "unit j will have on unit I"?
I failed, who is up for doing some learning for the resit in the summer? :(
Hey! I'm preparing the MCQs sent by students and some groups forgot to put the answers.. so does anyone know the answer to this question in task 3? I'm unsure about mine.. Thanks! What does hebbian learning NOT account for? Classical conditioning Drive-reinforcement theory Learning constants
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Easy points can be scored on the glasperlenspiel. I would focus my attention on that, being able to give connections on pretty much every term is important (the more original / more distributed over tasks the better). While you're studying that, you automatically also learn for the MCQ. The MCQ were pretty basic last year...
Thank you Robin! :)
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XY Z is back :D see you tomorrow!
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Hey Mia (if that's your real name) I really like your summaries. Wanna meet up in the library tomorrow or Monday to talk through MAM?
Hey (: I'm glad you like my summaries. Would love to, but I already have plans for studying :/
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Thank you so much for sharing this! Will you upload these overviews for all tasks?
No problemo :) good question haha I don't know yet but if I have enough time to complete my tables I will :)
what´s the difference between hebbian learning and the neo hebbian learning (task 3)? Why is it important, that this guy made a neo hebbian learning theory? Thanks :)
hebbian learning is just the statement "what fires together wires together" and neo hebbian learning puts this statement into mathematical terms :) Actually, on the discussion board it is stated differently so I'm not sure. The selected mind maps and the discussion board don't say the same thing
Have a look at the discussion board. It is explained there in more detail.
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can you please also upload a summary of task 3? I love you summaries! Thanks a lot!
thank you ! :) tbh i was completely lost in task 3 so my summary is pretty messy and weird. thats why I didnt upload it
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Barsalou and not Barton I think :D (but nice summary!)
Bars. Bars everywhere. I'm drunk ^^
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Can you upload your summaries as a word document? that would be great! :) thanks for your good work!
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thanks my dear <3
can someone please post a summary of the Gottlieb article for task 5? thanks in advance! :)
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you'll be my hero !
Done :D
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Hey! Do you have the summaries of other articles? I love your summaries!
Hello :) thanks! I'll post the others if I have the time to do so ;)
Hey guys, can someone explain how to calculate this? (question 8, delta rule)
they are using this formula: Δwij = η x ai x aj. I think the μ is supposed to be the eta in this case, no idea about the T though. So if you insert the numbers into the formula, you'll get: 0,1x0,5x0,5=0,025. Since we want the new weight we have tu subtract 0,025 from the old wij of 0,5 (which then is 0,475). But this question confused me as well and I'm not entirely sure if the explanation is correct, but this made some sense to me
for which problems do we have to do the glasperlenspiel again?
does anybody know if Herco is going to post the answer key anytime soon? :-)
he's really late... do we have to pass both parts separately and therefore automatically failed if we have more than 5 from in the multiple choice questions??
The key is online now, as far as I know the result is based on the whole exam, so even if you have more than 5 errors for the 20 multiple choice questions you completed you can still pass if you did the Spiel well.
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Why is the correct answer to 6 B?
as i understood it (no guarantee tho): if u think of the original Klondike space, the grey area doesnt have any gold on it so it can't be an oasis. the rarity problem as such i think addresses rather the whole space, because not everywhere is gold. That would leave the plateau, which by definition also says that you dont have any idea where to search next. I guess Isolation could also be applied there, since the shaded area is only very slightly connected to the rest, but I'm not sure. Correct me if I'm worng.
I think it could still be oasis, we aren't given the values for grey so we can't really say whether it's a high payoff region or not…. Poor design of question though.
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Does anybody know if the answer key is correct? Or did anyone find any mistakes?
does anybody have a summary to task 9 Kennedy and Thagard? And would be willing to share them? :s
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Is all of this relevant for the exam?
yes, but it is not all, there is another bold article and the presentations are not included in this summary
could anyone please tell me how i can access the lecture from monday? I followed all the steps from Eleum, but I can't find it anywhere? Thanks!
you go to Blackboard collaborate and then you have to click on "recordings" at the top :)
ahhh okay thank you :D
Hey :) Were there any clues in the lecture about topics that will be excluded in the exam or topics that are particularly important? Thanks!!!
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i think there is a problem with this pdf file. It says that an error occurred while loading it. Could you maybe re-upload it ? Would be great.
isn't there any recent exam up here? :o
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yeah you're probably right. I just had high hopes, cause normally you find something on studydrive. thank you for your answer.
no problem, you were definitely right to ask, if there is any place to ask i guess it would be here =)