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Willow owns and operates a shop selling books and gifts, 'All the World's a Page' in Paddington, Sydney. Willow supplies books both as a wholesaler and retailer. On Monday, Dawn attended at the shop and chose and purchased 7 books. Dawn was also interested in purchasing a small display case but the only one available was in pieces in a box and required construction. Willow agreed that if Dawn wished to purchase and pay for the display case immediately, she would construct the display case and Dawn could collect it on Tuesday. Dawn agreed and decided she would also collect the books the next day. On Monday, Willow also received an order for 22 copies of the book 'Masterchef the Musical', from Buffy, the owner of a book shop in Parramatta. The 22 books were dispatched in Willow's delivery truck with a further 70 'Masterchef the Musical' books to fill two other orders in Parramatta. Unfortunately, on Monday night, an electrical fault in the shop next door caused a fire which spread to , 'All the World's a Page' and the shop and its contents were destroyed. Dawn arrived to collect the 7 books and the display case on Tuesday morning, but finding them destroyed, demanded the return of her money. Willow refused. In a further blow, the delivery truck was involved in an accident causing great damage to the books. When Buffy finally received the books she refused to accept them because of their seriously damaged condition, and refused to pay for the order, insisting that it was not her loss to bear. Willow is your client and seeks your advice as to who must bear the loss of the various goods. Give reasons for your conclusions.
This disturbs me.
Anyone willing to found a study-group for intro if you feel like you've messed up the exam today (you're not the only one…) and would like to revise weekly or biweekly for the re-seit?! :)
Yet clearly, have you got other persons willing to do this?
Not yet. Depends on who is gonna pass it :)
Is a company a legal subject in international law? Also, in the question about self-defence the SD is justified or not? or it depends on your arguments and there is no one right answer?
Personally, I putted "states, IGO, NGO" but not sure at all. Concerning, self-defense I argued that there was, but some friend of mine did not. Actually, I think it depends of your argumentation, you must at least have the good structure, with first re conditions for a self-defense, and then apply the facts to the conditions...ect And if, you can reasonably argue that each conditions are fulfilled or not, then I think your answer cannot be wrong...
Hello, can someone share exam assigment answer example (legal research and reasoning) please
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I asked a specific question, but did not get any answers...
Oh, that‘s unfortunate. I’ll have a look.
Would "right in rem" work ?
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task 5. tax law ad personam taxes - they consider personal circumstances of the taxpayer in rem taxes - don't consider it
In the first question of the mock exam, about Lord Hastings, the answer is “No she cannot, as both the Lord and Purdy knew that Hastings meant the stables by ‘wine cellar’.” My question is why can she not claim the stables since they both knew what he meant ? Is this an error ? If its not can somebody explain?
In civil law, the subjective interpretation of the word is meant. In this case, the Lord meant the stables when he said wine cellar. And since Purdy was also aware of this meaning, the wine cellar means stables and therefore she cannot claim the stables. If she was not aware of the meaning, the meaning that a reasonable person would give to this intention is decisive, meaning that a reasonable person would think wine cellar is just a wine cellar
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For question i, I answered also "freedom of property', but the answers does contain this option. Is that a mistake from the corrector ? I am pretty sure that right to property is included...
I'm going to start to study now, do you think that I can do it ?
you havent studied anything?
Do you know the exact name of the German cellar hatch? Or where in the book it is?
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Ah yes, that is the „normal“ cellar hatch case from the Netherlands. But in the list, it mentions a second one, the „German cellar hatch“. It’s just that I can’t remember this one at all.
My pardon, it may be one of the additional information that there is another cellar hatch, but it's not mandatory for the exams so you can skip it.
precision: stare decision means "stand by your decision"
Are there notes/documents on here covering the most important cases? (Costa/ENEL, van gems and loos, donoghue, Hannover, etc.)
in the documents section
Are we responsible for the whole chapter on procedural law or just parts of it? If so, which parts do we need to know?
You only need to know the 3 first sections (Intro, Institutional and procedural Principles)
Hello, I have only a simple question, is the Learn Hand Formula to determine if there's a duty of care, only used in common law ? Thank you
It‘s a principle from US law. In England, the neighbour principle should apply. But it‘s a rule of thumb, the outcomes should be fairly similar.
Civil law doesn‘t use either principle as far as I know.
Hi! Can someone pls explain me the difference between competence and permission? Also,how many points we need to pass intro? 😁
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Did you understand though why the open questions count 35% of the grade but only account for 20% of the points?
I don’t, can you explain this to me?
Somebody to upload tasks’ notes ?
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Best summaries on this app! Are u planing to upload more?
Yes, but I started late. Let‘s see how far I get.
In the exam: will we be assessed on the individual facts, rulings, and opinions of the cases covered in the course or will we simply need to be able to apply our knowledge of those cases, rulings, and opinions to cases needing to be solved?
From the practice exam I got the impression that we won't be concerned a lot with case law, but rather the "general principles" from the book. But especially for the most important ones, like Donoghue v Stevenson, Van Gend & Loos, etc., I assume we should know the basic facts and rationale.
Hi, I have a question: Is the extraction of the ratio decidendi the only way in which cases can be used in legal reasoning?
You can use them to argue by analogy, if the ratio decidendi is not strictly applicable.
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you go girl!!
Does somebody have notes of the two previous practical LR&R ? Because I was sick thank you 🙏
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I have a question how did you get 37,5 K in question 4 I don't know how to do it ?
Has aynone answered the sample exam that was sent from course coordinator?
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I'll post them shortly
posted - don't judge :)
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Hello do you have task 31 and 32.? Thank you
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Thank you
task 31 is uploaded
Legal Skills: Research and Reasoning - For the exam assignment 1, do we need to write it in essay format or do we need to go formatting it as Task 1,Task 2, Task 3, etc.?
latter formatting
Is the intro to law mock exam usually fairly close to what can be expected from the real thing? I've found that some mock exams/past papers more adequately prepare you than others, so I didn't know if anyone had insight into where this one may fall.
How should I study exams? specifically, Intro to law? Thank you
make your own questions for each chapter, write it somewhere down and make those questions
Has anyone made EU law tasks?
Can you share?
might be late but useful Ill try to upload it update: sorry ill do it as soon as I can
if your are struggling with understanding Intro to Law -> my summaries of all chapter could help you: 🙂 good luck
Has anyone prepare the legal research exam assigment 1, tasks?
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hi! thank's for your summary but you should change the date of the treaty of Paris from 1953 to 1952
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life saver
can someone sum up the Hirst case and especially the aspect of the legitimate aim? Pls im so confused. And what was the outcome of the case?
I can do it if you guys want ; ) wait a sec just need to write them on computer
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Thank u for sharing do you have tutorial task answers? Admin. Law?
hey no I didn't prepare it yet
and for your own benefit you should do it on your own
Has anyone got criminal law task 17 - the unfortunate burglar answer? Which German criminal code you use?
I think you can use article 211(2) / article 222 for murder and negligence and also article 34 for the weighing of interests( all of it is in volume 2)
Thank you!!
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Do you have 6 and 7 tutorials?
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well all of them
Do you have criminal law task 17 - the unfortunate burglar answer?
Can someone please give a template for a skeleton argument? And some tips on moot court. Thank you in advance x
Does anyone need an intro to law book ? I am selling mine
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yes it is
i wanna buy it?
Hey guys. How can I find the introduction to law course book’ tutorial’s tasks(trolley problems,solving cases etc) answers?
When will be MC answers published?
They have been published under course materials --> Examination material --> Resit
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Do you also have the answers?
Where can I find the answers from past exams of intro to law?
On student portal, the answers of the first sit and the previous exam that they've made available are on there.
Can anyone upload the resit and model answers of 2017/2018?
Can anyone upload the first sit, please? I can't find mine
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I mean the multiple questions, they are not on the student portal. I want to go over them again but I cant find my exam paper.
They have the answers to multiple questions but not the questions
Does anyone know the structure of the Exam Resit, is it MC+ Open questions or is it only Open questions?
same as the 1st sit, MC and 3 open questions
Is the resit exam more complex/harder to pass than the first one?
Known to be slightly more difficult yes
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