TK = Ehrenmann Danke 🙌
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I've sent him a mail and asked him whether he can tell the Prüfungsamt when we have received our topics
Thank you TK. I agree with you.
@Tobias: Can you post the link here?
Hey, is there a new meeting ID or something? The one from Anonyme Badewanne is invalid
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Nevermind... it does not work 🤦🏻‍♂️
Hey guys, are there already some information about the extension of the submission deadline for the research paper?
He said today that is he gonna ask the Prüfungsamt and it's looking promising to get an extension until 24th July
Glad to hear that, thanks!
So we have to write between 10000 and 13000 words... Is he kidding? This would mean 30-40 pages (as long as a bachelor thesis)
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Me too actually
@eduard are you dropping out? lol
He has just sent us an invitation for a zoom meeting
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Thanks! I thought the first sessions was already on moodle... 🤔
It's actually removed ...
Hey guys, so my understanding of next week is that he will upload everything on moodle, we can work on it how we choose to and we have to submit our solutions for the different cases on moodle. There won't be any zoom meetings is that correct?
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on moodle he now says see you on monday at 9:00 pm? wtfff
I think he means that we should start watching the videos at 9, they were recorded using zoom... But if he indeed wants to have a zoom meeting, we will be notified when he sends out the invitation...
Hey, I have a question concerning the grading of the course. Cause our professor uses Moodle instead of OLAT, the entire course deadlines went a bit over my head. What exactly do we have to deliver and when? An answer would really help me, because I want to avoid dropping the course.
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The research paper part is due on June 10th*
sorry my bad. Thank you for the correction
There is a second set of questions due on Tuesday, seems like there are more to come ;)
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Are you going to submit the answers?
Yes, it was not too much and actually quite interesting
Hey guys, check Moodle, there are apparently some questions we have to answer until Saturday
lol. Thanks for the heads up
Thanks for the info :)
Hey guys, I think we should start getting the groups together! So I think somebody already said they would pick topic no.1 (the questions regarding laudon&laudon) and I would also like to pick that topic. What about the others?
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@wolfy I got case study No. 1 as well
Hey Stein! Glad that we have the common topic. Would you like to collaborate with me on the case study?
Hello guys, i am on Case study #1 group. Is here anyone also on it?
Hi Guys, Have you received any kind of Information related to the supposed topic alignment yet?
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Oh boy... on the 27th May is the presentation and we cant even start the precess yet.
Yeah he sent us an email which Case study we have been assigned to
Hey guys, does anyone have some information regarding the meeting today?
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So we just assign via E-Mail right?
Yes I think he will send us an Email today.
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Me also, it would be great if the others can also post their preference so that we can align... Although I think that it maybe makes more sense to work on the case studies on or own, I think the Prof. mentioned that this is also possible. Looking at the topics the workload shouldn't be too high and splitting ten minutes between several people will be difficult - what do you think?
Hey guys, well it took some time for me to digest all the thoughts on the evaluation document :D Here are my present thoughts: - I think the professor will align us all with the respective topics regarding the case study. - The formulation of the 2nd research paper question is too general. - I wonder, what will be done with the other course materials? and also, how are we going the cover the materials at all? I mean, the classes are still very much near to the presentation day and 25-28. So I still can`t figure out what to do with the rest of the materials. All the relevant Infos for the case study can be found in the Evaluation document, and he has provided us with some recommended literature for the Research paper part.
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Ok nice hab keine Werden Themen vergeben?
Wir noch ein Meeting über Zoom ausgemacht um 11 (ohne Prof): ID ist 733 7343 4506 Passwort: 5Qg4FY
Man kann sich jetzt in den Kurs auf Moodle einschreiben, aber es gibt noch keine Infos zu Vorbesprechung, Themenvergabe etc. Laut QIS soll morgen ja die Vorbesprechung sein. Weiß da jemand was?
hab mich auch gewundert ... Hab dem mal ne mail geschrieben, ob es auf Zoom stattfindet oder am Campus
Weiß hier schon jemand, wie das Modul abläuft? Finde keine Infos auf QIS oder Olat
Hey! Weißt Du mittlerweile etwas Neues? Ich kann immer noch keine Infos finden...
Es gibt den Kurs auf moodle: Aber man kann sich nicht selbst einschreiben, also kein Plan, was da los ist ...