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Are you going to upload full summary of the course?
So sorry, but I didn't have the time to do all summaries...
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Hey! Will you upload a full summary soon? Thank you so much!
Hey, I'm so sorry, but I didn't have the time to do all summaries...
Regarding the exam question 2 a) and b): Did we ever cover why China wants to reduce its FDI inflow and what policies it is using?
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How are we supposed to complain if the course coordinator has not uploaded the exam yet haha XD
He just did!
I think it was also because he argued that remittances can be seen like an insurance --> during bad times, people either sent the same amount or more.
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Could someone be so kind and quickly summarize the key take-aways of the article "Financial Opening: Evidence and Policy Options" by Joshua Aizenmann that talks about financial opening and crisis risk? I have read the article but the conclusion is a bit vague in my opinion..
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Nonehteless for me the main take aways are: - Financial opening makes countries faces shared risk - Worse for developing countries because they do not have strong institutions. COmmon to see twin-crisis: currency + banking Reforming the financial system is really hard because of: - Importance of political context and see how a change affect incentives (Lucas critique) - Transparency costly to implement and possibility of loopholes -Overdependence of risk indicators: cheating to give better image
Thank you! That definitely helped :)
Does anyone have a summary of the paper by DRISKILL (2012) that we had to read for TUTORIAL 3 ?? Would be amazing :)
I uploaded mine, I hope it helps :)
looks fantastic, thank you soo much!!
If anyone made a full summary of the articles, I would by really happy if you could post it :) Cheers
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Would it be possible to also upload it as a word document? :) that would be amazing!
sure no problem!
Thank you so much! :)
Does anyone have the summary for this article (tutorial 3) and is willing to post it??? --> DECONSTRUCTING THE ARGUMENT FOR FREE TRADE: A CASE STUDY OF THE ROLE OF ECONOMISTS IN POLICY DEBATES You would do a huge favour to many people !! Thank you <3
Hey guys, I have two questions concerning the article by Freeman about immigration: - What is positive selection? - What is meant by substitutes and complementarities? Thanks in advance :)
A substitute is a general possibility to replace something with something else and got exactly the same outcome: If you eat a bread or a sandwich doesn't matter both are still satisfying the same need Complementaries are goods that add up to something or work hand in hand. A complementary for the sandwich would be cheese to arrive at a full product. Positive selection in this case means that people are selected for there level of skill. The example in the text show that working people in foreign countries have a way higher education than the average from the country itself
Does anyone have a good comprehensive exam summary?
Does anyone have the solutions for tutorial 4?