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Have you got answers for the rest of the questions?
When do we include the number of equipments?
For block 3 , q11 if the mark isn't working
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Why don't we round up from 163.30 to 164? Since we are talking about real items?
You have to round to the nearest integer for EOQ
How do you solve this question?
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The Efficiency Formula doesn't work.
why is it 1.1 and not 1.4 *6
do not forget to send comments tomorrow for the exam, thanks
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There are several mistakes in this file. Including in the formula for 'efficient capacity'; no of orders placed yearly; forecast only for 7 days; and more that I won't disclose. I'd suggest not to use it.
why do you use 4 instead of 2 or 6?
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Because we are looking for the forecast average error over a number of periods, n symbols your periods and you have 4 periods (7, 8, 9 and 10).
thank you and thank you for uploading this it really is amazing. <3
Could you explain what the theory behind this is?
Maximum Capacity means for how many persons per hour the operations are designed for under ideal conditions. And its d) because the sink can take up to 120 persons per hour
I don't think so they're asking for the design capacity of the operation with the max capacity (which is 75), the handdryer, which has a design capacity of 100 so the answer should be A right?
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Hey, for the Resit Exam 2018 Question 14.) this solver doesn't give the correct answer. However I don't think it is the solvers problem. Does someone know what is going on here? Please help, otherwise I am dying
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Good luck to you:)
WOW amazing thank you so much!!!!
What is the correct way to get to 60%? And in which chapter do i find takt time + efficiency calculations?
It is in chapter 5 and the correct way is 18/2*15= 0.6 The reason for this is you have to add the time of all workstations=18 Thn allocate the activities to the workstations which result in 2 workstations and then takt time was given in this case
but how do you get 2 wokstations when they stated to use the theoretical one? if we use the formula for # of workstations, we get a 1.2
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Does someone know how to calculate the Total Transportation Cost for question 50?
How do we now that the Flow time has to be 6/8? what is the formula here?
(450k/x)*8=6 a shift- eight hours, former question
Can someone help me understand the process, please? Correct answer is D
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You need to just divide 8 by 12 because the range is given in the problem and you want six sigma quality and therefore you need to divide by 12 because you want to "cover" both sides of the mean :) this was in chapter 6 problem 2 and 3
Thank you for your explanation and your reference!!
how to do this
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Why did you circle both E & F together and not E by itself only?
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could u explain why the n. of workstations is 2 and not 6 ?
Because as said before it is about the theoretical number of workstations so Total number of minutes required/takt time. Which mean sin this case 18/15=1.2 and for workststations you always have to round up so 2
is this in 50 % or 0.5 ?
Hey Guys, so how do we now that the planned order receipts/releases here are 200? The Quantity is 200 because of the FOQ, but why exactly in these Weeks(Periods)?
Because the lead time is one week so you need to release the orders in week 1 so you can receive them in week 2. It is just because you cannot order in week 0 but have to take the first week possible
the actual answer is 1414.21 , So why we do not round up?
You have to round down and not up because for EOQ you only have to roud to next intger number but with the normal rounding rules
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hehe ;)
Are all mathematical questions of 2018 past papers and beyond relevant?
how do you calculate the gross requirements for sugar?
in the question it's written for every 1 Decoration it needs 2 Sugar. So you take the planned order releases from Table D and multiply them by 2 and directly put them in Table B gross requirements in the same week they occurred in Table D
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Hey man, there's an issue with th enet requiremtns row as you didnt lock the safety stock cell reference. now it just shifts to the right.
Yeah I have realised it, normally it should be fixed on the excel I uploaded with all the chapters!
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What if there are more weeks/days tho ?
what does DB mean?
Dame blanche in this case It’s just the number of parts you need to make the thing above
How to we change the lead time manually? I do not understand
The planned order releases do not influence the rest of your table, so you can just adjust them yourself. I.e. if you have a lead time of 1 week the POreleases of week 1 are the POReceipts of week 2. If you have a 2 week lead time, the POreleases is week 1 are the POReceipts of week 3
Could someone maybe explain how you get this 490 and not -10 (500 - 270 -240)?
There is a mistake in the table becaaue in week 2 you also have 500 plannes order receipts so then you have 230+500-240 which results in 490 available invenotry :)
Thanks! :)
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can you make it longer cause its usually 8 weeks/days thanks
Could someone maybe explain how you get this 490 and not -10 (500 - 270 -240)?
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Is question 5 irrelevant ?
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Yeah would be nice, or maybe the link to the the solution. :D ty
If you go on the student portal and then on examination material you can see it under the resit and firstsit called e.g "MRS+MRP banana split"
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Why sometimes you found a number like 120 for safety stock and you wrote 119 in the cell ?
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That’s not correct cause it would be 425.2 and you need to round up. I think you made a mistake with the z-score from the table.
yea the z score is 0.28 sry didn't correct on the previous line but it's 400+0.28x90 = 425.2
You have to calculate the MAD
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I realised 4 cells turned to 0. The formulas that should be in them are the following: D43: =(C43 + D45 - D41 + D42) D44: =(D41 + B35 - C43 - D42) E43: =(D43 + E45 - E41 + E42) E44: = (E41 + B35 - D43 - E42)
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I think I love you Elisa
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thank you so much!! do you have more of these?
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I'm looking forward to it 🙌🏻
Same, great job :D
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I think there is a mistake in the Solution of Problem nr 16. In the MRP Record of Wafer the net requirements of week 3 should be -64.
NR can never be zero it is always either 0 or more and this is the correct solution from the student portal
I think that is -64, so zero
No this is actually correct, as you have to caluclate 0(GR)+300(SS)-164(IT) and then you end up with 136
could you explain why c is correct and not b ?
Because you have to caluclate the new EOQ for the dicsount which is 13,693 and as this is bigger than the minimum order quantitiy therefore you have to calculate the TAC with 13,683 instead of 2000 :)
thank you !!!
Where does this belong to? Help is much appreciated!
How do you calculate this?
Where does the 40 claims come from?
From the text they say "forty claims need to be processed" so 40 is the output needed to meet the customer demand
What chapter is this ?
Chapter 3
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For Question 23, you need to calculate the MAD, which concludes about the accuracy of the forecasting bias, so its (347.38+122.12+(880+590)+(1100-603.67)+(1340-712)+(1660-974.67)≈428.193 -> so A)
True but there is a typo in your calculation should be 880-590 and it should be all divided by 6
Why is C) correct?
where did you find the formula for this ?
p.259 Equation 7.13
if you check on the portal, it is all false, you've missed some steps here
I posted my notes to help if I could.
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