What is your grade?
Gosh! I thought the grades were out :D
Did Soldani update olat/qis with our themes?
Any news?
Can anyone post Lecture 1 slides please? For some reason I dont see them anymore
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I'm sure that she will repost it :) However does someone manage to join a video group or still not ? I really have no clue about how it works ...
by clicking on the link posted above, just input your information and you're connected
Hi does someone has any information about the lecture of tomorrow (21 april 2020) It's said on OLAT that it will be streamed remotely and not recorded but I didn't get any link to join a session ...
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Did we get a link?
no feedback yet, I sent her an email a few hours ago
Hat Soldani etwas über Präsentation gesagt/geschrieben?
Hallo allesamt! Ich möchte kommendes Semester FLAE belegen. Würde mich freuen, wenn hierzu jemand seine Erfahrungen mit Prof., EmiliaSoldani Teilen mag. Vielen Dank =)
Hey an alle:) ich schreibe dieses Semester FLAE und würde gern mal paar Erfahrungen hören von euch. Habt ihr vielleicht die Probeklausur/ Lösungen von den letzten Semestern? Wie war die Klausur? LG und danke!