Is there anyone who has the tutorial solution??
Anyone knows the exam rules? Can I bring the study materials to the exam? Or it is all forbidden?
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What about a calculator?
Calculator is forbidden too
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Is there anyone who have the trial exam solution??
Does anyone have the passwort of the FCE Tutorium course in Moodle?
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Hey! Does anyone have the solutions of those questions from the 2. Lab and could post them here? I would be very thankfull for that!!
Hey guys! How was the first Lab last week? Was it hard to pass? What did they asked from the theoretical part in FCE?
It was chill. Just make sure you print your Lab 1 document and take it to the lab.
where can i find the solutions to the fce tutorial tasks?
Hey, does anyone have the Password for the Moodle Kurs from FCE and the FCE Lab?
Hey , FCE is : FCE2019-- FCE Lab is : fcelab1920!
Hey, hat jemand lösung von Trial exam?
Hey, guys Are FCE exam questions completely MCQ?
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Thank you, and do you have any past papers or mock exam ones for FCE?
I only did the exercises and it was enough to pass the exam.
Hello! Does someone have the solutions of all exercises in FCE from WS1819? I would be very gratefull for those solutions, cause I just started with the ISE Mechanical studies and don't know anyone who could have them. THANKS!
Hey I have some of them Not done by me but I studied from them Will upload them later today 🤙🏼
Thank you so much!!
Dose someone know the time and the place of the oral exam and when can I check the exam?
Hat jemand lösung von trial exam? Danke
Hallo, hat jemand vielleicht die Lösungen für die Übungen? Danke im Voraus.
Hat jemand moodle Passwort FCE?
does anyone have the solution for the whole FCE Exercise set?
Nice properties with nice Simplification .....
anyone has any past question papers?? Need them urgently
ab3tle 3l email da whb3thomlk
some of em
can you post the rest please ?
does anyone have previous exams ?
WHO hat the last year WS16/17 fce exam please send to me
Hat jemand moodle Passwort für Wise 17/18 Fundamentals of Computer Eng. ISE?
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Viel Dank! aber leider funktionert nicht:/