Guys, how can it be that there is still no news on the bonus point scheme? Did I miss something?
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ooof @anon trump. Very strange...
Wtf lol. The course went to completed courses today without any explanation/email from the course coordinator. Good thing I guess.
I think that we can complain on those several point: - the absence of the formula sheet during the entire duration of the exam, this had a huge impact on the whole exam. - they didn't had the time lost from the ID check. - the possibility to redo the exam 10 first question for 30 minute should have been reported to us via email.
Guys, I think we should say some points in the comment section: -There was no formula sheet and it was confusing -They didn't add any time for the calls -We should get the answers with explanation so we can check for our answers It was doable but all of these made it harder to focus and manage our time.
Yes and also under surfyourself, then the board of examiners also gets informed
if you click on feedback you can see the extensive solution
You guys think we can get one bonus point? :((
Does anyone know how many points we need for each grade? Or is it maybe written down somewhere 😁
You need in total 27/40
did anyone else had trouble with the formula sheet?
yeah it wasn't there....
When do we see the answers again? Tonight or tomorrow morning? Thx
I think we get the results tonight
i can not see the answers when i download it. Could you pls re-upload it? Thanku tho
How do you get to this solution?
can anyone explain why using the volatility of a portfolio with arbitrary weights doesn't work ? (formula page 405) thanks
Because in that formula the correlation is the correlation between the stock and the portfolio and not between the 2 stocks. Rather use the variance of 2 stocks :)
could anyone help with this question ?
Hope it helps
Could someone elaborate on this one please? Thank you :)
Can someone explain to me how to calculate this? How do you get to the 20%?
how do we get answer A?
(Bid 25th- Ask 2nd) /Ask 2nd
question: the question in the exam said "EAR after 5 years". Did they only say *5 years* to confuse us or does it actually matter?
I think it doesn't matter because the rate is the same it is just the exponent which is going to be 5.
What is the passing norm for this exam given the online format of 40 questions? Is it 27/40?
Does someone know how to answer this ?
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hope it helps
Yes it does, thank you !!
i tried using the IRR formula for two stocks but i can't figure it out...
you set them equal to each other
oh ok i just forgot a term. Thank u
Who passed the exam and is repeating it?
Bro Im not studying again. Its finally summer...
No area was marked for this question
so, you did not pass bu still felt the need to upload the exam with all the mistakes? makes sense
if you were a little bit smart, you could check that the answers have been corrected!
No area was marked for this question
do you mind to upload the explanatios/ what you did?
No area was marked for this question
are the answer orrect?
does anyone have a compiled document of all past finance exams with answer keys?
did you guys have enough time during the exam?
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post it!!
Hey guys where can we see whether we got bonus points?
Who else thinks that just marking the questions correct discriminates against the people who had them correct from the beginning? Just give everyone the bonus points, its not fair!
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I dont know his email so I haven't written anything yet
where can you see the bonus points?
Are the bonus points final or is there still a chance that we're getting some more for other questions? I see all the "bonus" points that were marked as correct for everyone but I still have the same amount of points?
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so weird that he's not communicating with us...
where can you see the bonus points?
does anyone know the date of the resit ?
next thursday