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I got mine from thalia.at. When you register for the newsletter you get a discount ( I paid 79,19). But I'm not sure if you have to pay for shipping, since I'm from Austria I didn't have to.
when do you know what formula to use? iget so cinfused when i read an excercise that says the following: You can earn $38 in interest on a $1000 deposit for eight months. If the EAR is the same regardless of the length of the investment, determine how much interest you will earn on a $1000 deposit for: a. 9 months. b. 1 year. c. 1.6 years.
does anyone have a compiled document of all past finance exams with answer keys?
did you guys have enough time during the exam?
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post it!!
Hey guys where can we see whether we got bonus points?
Who else thinks that just marking the questions correct discriminates against the people who had them correct from the beginning? Just give everyone the bonus points, its not fair!
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I dont know his email so I haven't written anything yet
where can you see the bonus points?
Are the bonus points final or is there still a chance that we're getting some more for other questions? I see all the "bonus" points that were marked as correct for everyone but I still have the same amount of points?
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so weird that he's not communicating with us...
where can you see the bonus points?
does anyone know the date of the resit ?
next thursday
If you have any questions regarding the upcoming Finance exams you can post them as a comment under this post. Our tutor will answer ASAP!
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This is incredible, thank you!!
Me, watching other people getting bonus points for questions I had right from the beginning...
Guys is it normal that we still don’t have any news about the finance exam? hope we will get some bonus points...
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3 bonus points for everyone yeah?
Or not bonus points, but 3 questions were marked correct for everyone
Realistically, what do you think how many bonus points are warranted we get?
Last year they got 5 I think? But this year there were less questions...
Who else long $ROPE ?
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like a true autist im all in SPY 250P 12/16
JPOW is really toefucking me with his printer rn
Guys lets complain about the same questions so that we really get the bonus points! Any suggestions with explanations?
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Yes, of course.
@anononymous compact disk: I think we all had different questions to a large extent because people are complaining about questions I didn't have in my exam.
How the HELL is it 27 questions to pass? Thats 6.75!! shouldn't it be 5.5 to pass exam.
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But by 5.5 they don't mean a 55%. they just mean a 5.5 is the passing point in the 1 to 10 grading system, and they specified that at least 27/40 is the passing point. i wish you were right tho :(
You always need 2/3 to pass an exam which is around 66% correct answers. Finance required 27 correct answers which there is 27/40=67,5%. So, therefore, I think it is accurate
Can anyone explain how you get 74? I get 67
Shouldn't the answer be C? Recession --> investors are less willing to buy bonds at a certain price (demand shifts left) but governments need more funding so they issue more bonds (supply shifts right)?
Its about corporate bonds, not sovereign bonds. In a recession, corporations usually invest less so the bond supply will also shift to the left.
Ah, thanks. I thought I had missed something
Hello, Why is this answer supposed to be 650.000? I thought it was 625000 as the FV of an annuity is ( 35000 / 4 ) * ( (1.04)^30 - (1.02)^30 ) / (0.04-0.02) ) = 626515.72..
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I also got the same. But maybe they want us to calculate it from next year. Which means that his first savings will be 0.25(35000*1.02) = 8925
O yeah you're right... I guess it was just a trick question. Unfortunetely I completely ignored that when I read it. :(
WE NEED COMPLAINS!!! 1. No time, too much calculations.
yup, was horrible
Complain via test vision. There is a comment box under each question for complaints
Bro this was an awful exam. Like properly awful. You cant even compare it to anything that would have been written at the MECC... sorry but its just true. And now we dont even have our answers or our questions? How are we supposed to complain tomorrow? Its only open for 5 days and we have other exams coming up, they should know that, right? Like come on....
Absolutely agree. It is horrible that we now don't even know if we passed or not. About the comment procedure: I think when you click on "Exam comments" on the course page it takes you to the questions and then you can complain about them. However, considering the number of complaints, writing them will indeed be very time consuming and we all have other exams to study for .... Maybe the best thing is to work together on this. Let's all collect possible complaints on here somewhere so we can quickly get it over with.
Guys, complain your hearts out via test vision. Under each question, there is a comment box where you can write your criticisms of this train wreck
Fuck the exam and fuck the police .I.
Does someone know if we can see our preliminary scores tonight like with normal digital exams in TestVision? I read somewhere that we can see them 15 min after end time but there is nothing there.
good question
I also get 37 with the same method... but it says that the answer is 40. Am I missing something on my equation or is it an exam error and the answer 37 is correct?
There is the answer of the exam comments, there was a mistake, the right answer is 37 so don't worry
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Could you maybe add the WACC?
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why all the thumb downs?
How to calculate this??
since debt-equity ratio = 1, D = E = 1 rwacc = D/V * rd * (1 - t) + E/V * re 6% = 1/(1 + 1) * 3% * (1 - 35%) + 1/(1 + 1) * re re = 10.05% Option (D)
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It is a really nice summary. Could you maybe also upload it as a word document? Then one can directly go to the page through the table of content:)
you can convert it in a word doc with ilovepdf.com