I am assuming the entire assignment will be graded by one person, and that we can reference answers given for other 'issues' when answering the next one?
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Agreed, within one problem that is no issue whatsoever, but don't refer to a previous problem. On the other hand, these problems were never specifically numbered so they may just give a certain number of completed assignments to the tutors.
thanks for the responses, have some words left so i'll cover it just in case
Does the 10% rule apply to the word limit?
Yes. It says so in the Assignment Grading sheet Sjoerd placed on the Studentportal
For Q1 of the assignment is there only one correct answer/ conclusion or with strong supporting arguments is it possible to argue either way re. similar/ competition?
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I hope that it will be graded on how strong our argumentation is, as i think there are two conclusions possible.
No worries :-)
Does anyone know if we have to write the paragraphs of the cases in the footnotes?
Only if they are super important like in Keck for example, but for most cases no :)
As Rachel said :-)
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Good attempt! Contains a number of mistakes though!
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Thanks, itś great to see the info displayed differently :)
This is Doc Morris from 2003, 2016 Doc Morris is about a fixed price policy for prescription-only products (although the conclusion is similar, speaking of a MHEE rather than a CSA: http://curia.europa.eu/juris/document/document.jsf?text=&docid=184671&pageIndex=0&doclang=EN )
oh thank you. Did not realize that
An *unjustifiable* MHEE to be precise
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Sorry, of course this is free movement of goods
hey, I think that under CHEE, it cannot be justified but it can fall under certain exceptions; it is not the same. Justification means that there is a breach of the article but it is justified later on. An exception means that the case does not fall under what is prohibited. So in my opinion it should be 'Exceptions' and not 'Justifications'
Yes probably the word exception would fits better, you are right
Dear all, Please be reminded that using documents on studydrive is for your own risk. You are in no way assured that content is accurate, complete or even correct. All documents uploaded before February 2019 are outdated. The Documents uploaded this year (the lecture reviews) contain fundamental mistakes in their additions to what are essentially verbatim copies of my lecture slides (for which I have made a copyright challenge). Hang in there :-) Sjoerd
are these notes from this year?
Yes, from period 4, 2017
2017 is now, dum dum.