Anyone in here has any idea of how the resit is gonna take place? I feel like Natassa forgot to let us know what is going on
I contacted the director of studies and Natassa will be informing us in the coming days of how it's going to work.
Could you guys help me with this MC question pls: under the Treaties as amended by the Lisbon Treaty, a) the President of the European Council shall resign if the European Parliament so requests b) the rotating Presidency of Council configurations shall be abolished c) the European Parliament can vote a motion of censure against the High Representative for Foreign Affairs to resign d) a panel is established to advise the Member States on judicial appointments in the European Courts I think the last one is correct (the 255 panel), but I am not sure.
I would also say d, as none of the others could be right.
Hey guys, does any one know what type of calculator we can bring to the exam? Can we bring a normal casio one ?
any calculator that isn't a scientific one where you can program stuff in. I don't know what you mean by "normal casio one" though
yes i think so
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These have been so helpful, thanks for uploading!!
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Thanks for sharing :)
could someone please upload the course book?
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Very nice summaryif of the whole course, thank you
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It helped me a lot! Do you by chance have a summary like this for tort? You would be my hero!
No sorry, but I am glad my summaries helped you
isn't it the other way around? In any way, really good material. Thank you !
Yes you are right, sorry for the mistake. Article 21 (2) TFEU: requires OLP Article 19 (1) TFEU: requires SLP
Summary of cases, anyone? :(
Your prayers were answered :-)
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I really like the charts in your summaries, they make the topic easier to understand
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Whoever made this, thank you so much. I'd buy you infinite beers
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I like your summaries, could you please post yours for the following weeks? It would be awesome
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I really love your notes because you combine the tutorials and the theoretical part of the lectures and the book. Very good summary !
Those are not in Blackstone right?
It's art 50 in the Rules of Procedure of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, page 198 in Blackstone 2014-2015
is citizens initiative regulation in blackstone? cant find it!! thanks
Unfortunately it is not. You have to study the requirements for citizens' initiative
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Great notes! looking forward to see other weeks!
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Always waiting for your summaries to come online. Thanks for sharing <3
Very useful for assignment 3, thank you <3
Can someone give some pointers for this week's assignment (or key concepts or cases to look up to answer the questions) ? Struggling here.. Thanks
Direct effect - Indirect effect - Consistent interpretation and State liability
If you want the second lecture on EU law of last year is very useful. Here is the link
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Thank you, honestly, thank you so much!
Can someone please share their answer (or from class) to Week 2, Question 4: "Can the students require a change of the TFEU? " I somehow didn't really get it in class. Would really appreciate it, thanks
Ask it again in the next tutorial, no shame :)
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Stalker ;)
I sincerely wish you that I don't know when your next date is... xoxo PS: I can see you.
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ERRORS: Ordinary legislative procedure: 2nd reading EP (majority of components members (not vote casts) and 3rd reading 1) Parliament (majority of votes casts) and 2) Council (QMV)
Hi everyone, I've made flashcards to work with on foundations. It's not all complete/correct yet but I will upload more as I go through. In the meantime, you are welcome to use them, here is the link
aight thanks !!
Hi everyone, any tips on how to study this topic in the best way?
Hello fellow students. Can anyone please guide me through the literature you guys had to study last year for every week? I currently own the Custom Publishing of the European Union Law- Substantive Law book ( yes the blue one - the one recommended by the course coordinator ). Thank you in advance
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thx hon <3
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Let me know of any issues