Has the coordinator said anything about the time of publishing the results of the resit? Don't really understand why it's taking so long. Not that many people had to resit it
Hey guys where do i upload my assignment? I do not see anywhere to upload the file? Usually for other courses it is under assignments but for me when i click on assignments i still only see the file of the exam?
click on assignments then click on Exam ETL fall 2018
I think that you are a bit confused. Contributory negligence can only be used when another driver is hurt. Intent and inexcusable fault can be used when the person hurt is a pedestrian, a cyclist or a passenger
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This summary is really useful! Do you also have summaries from week 1 and 2?
I will make them soon and post them :)
heyo, are there any past exams available?
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Could you elaborate a bit more about the ex gratia payments
hi everyone, is there a crash course online on european tort law?
Hi everyone, I've made flashcards to work with on tort law. It's not all complete/correct yet but I will upload more as I go through. In the meantime, you are welcome to use them, here is the link https://www.brainscape.com/p/1I3FR-LH-61P0B
Does somebody have the past exams of tort law? Would be really grateful if you post few. Thank you!