Would somebody be so kind and send some tutorial notes for week 4? :)
Hey does somebody know what the 5 categories of private life are? I have them partly in my notes but can´t find them anywhere else. I have physical, psychologycal and moral integrety; privacy; indentity and autonomy
freedom of interference with physical and psychological integrity freedom of unwanted access to and collection of information freedom from serious environmental pollution right to develop one's identity right to live one's live in a manner as one wishes
anyone has good tutorial notes and wouldn't mind uploading here for fellow students? :)
anyone want to have a study session before the exam?
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Great notes! could you also upload week 2 notes?
Hi, does anyone know the reason why a complaint must be 'arguable' to qualify a violation of article 13 (effective remedy) ?
arguable complaint means that the applicant can resonably argue a violation of a substantive provision of the Convention. e.g. Art. 8 or maybe 2 etc.. :)
Hello, i was absent from my tutorial, does anyone have notes i could use to revise?
Hey can someone post the tutorial answers for this years week 5?
There seems to be some kind of a lack of summaries for this course... I am currently working on flashcards so I cannot share them here but here is the link to it for those interested. I am still working on it so it is not complete but I will upload more. Good luck! https://www.brainscape.com/p/1I3FR-LH-5V702
thank you very much for this
Has the tutor explained what we precisely have to study for the week about freedom of expression (when he was absent ?