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Hi, do you also have notes on week 7? I would be soo thankful :)
Hi. I just uploaded it:) My note on the lecture and on the most important concept is also on studydrive. The file is called Summary of week 7. I would recommend that, because this week the book did not give super valuable information ( in my opinion) Good luck!
awesome, thank you!
Has anyone been able to access the mandatory lit by Samatha Renssen for this week? (week 6)
yep, just search for it in the online Library!
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In case study 3 b, I think, it's Directive 2007/36 and not 38, but a great summary overall, thank you for uploading it! :)
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Great document, thanks a lot! :)
how did you guys approach Q2 in discussion topics?
What is up with this file? Once it's downloaded it looks all fucked up..
has anyone know if we have to do case study 1 only for uk?
I think so! If we had to do for other legal systems as well they would have mentioned it
Yep, they specifically mention that it is an Ltd, so only UK
Does anyone have the pdf we need to read for Chapter 2? If you do, could you please upload it here?! I cannot access the link provided in the course book
try to find on the um library
where I can find H. Hansmann and R. Kraakman, What is corporate law?, ??
is there anyone that has any notes on lecture 4? would be very much appreciated!
What parts of the maastricht collection do we need for the exam?
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But you do not need it as they will give legislation with the exam in case we need it. Furthermore, some legislation such as GmbHG or AktG are not in the maastricht collection, be the old yellow one or the new one.. only the civil codes so it could help for the NL maybe
Thanks! That is what I wanted to know. I wasn't sure what was included in the new collection :D
would someone be so kind and share their week 6 notes?
How are you going to study for the exam? Im an exchange student and im kind of lost
our tutor mentioned something about focussing on the lectures and the tutorials (the coursebook).
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can you also upload the answers please?
Hi, does someone have notes from the first tutorial willing to share, please? I missed it :/
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On p. 17 you have mixed public with private for the representation in NL. Public is 2:130 and private 2:240. But I like the overview your summary gives :)
I just saw your comment, thank you very much!
I can't find the text of the SUP for next week can someone help please ?
If someone has the Hansmann & Kraakman, could you share the relevant pages here please ? Thx
hey guys, gonna start the course in period 5. Don't feel like paying 100+ eur for book (that is not even fully used apparently), has someone maybe got scanned relevant pages or a pdf version? It's "A. Dorresteijn a.o., European Corporate law, Kluwer law international 2017 " Thanks a lot!
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That would be great to share it here ;)
it's under documents now
Could someone explain what the veil piercing is? I know is about shareholders being responsible but I don't know how to describe it.
Veil piercing is when shareholders become liable for the debts of the company out of their own pocket. In other words, they become unlimitedly liable.
Is cross-border conversion the same as the transfering of both the headquarters and the registered office?
what is the difference bt. option 1 and 3? if the company is incoportated, it needs to take over the obligations in acc. with art. 10 dir. 2009/101 if the company is not incorporated and does not assume the obligation after incoporation, the person who concluded the contract is laible acc. to art. 8 dir. 2009/101 so option 1 and 3 have the same legal effect to the extent that the person concluding the company is liable, right?
yes, that is correct. The legal effect of option 1 and 3 is the same. However, there are different reasons for arriving at this conclusion, that's why they are represented in different options
In your notes however, you said that if the company has not been incorporated it is up to the national law to determine the personal liability of A(for option 1) & that the Directive will not apply because it's out of its scope .
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Do you also have tutorial 7?
What is the difference between Article 2:130 BW & Article 2:240 BW?!
2:130 is for public companies and the other is for private ones
thank you
Anyone with some old exams? :)
company law