How did you like the exam?
I found it fair. It was nice to have enough time to go over everything.
Good luck everyone!!
what is the difference, in germany, between a transfer of ownership for security purposes and the fiduciary transfer?
I think those are synonyms
The Land Registration Act 2002 isn't in the Maastricht collection (only a small excerpt) or am I missing something?
no it isn't
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This is great!
Do we need to know all the steps for land registry in Germany, UK, France and the Netherlands?
I think so...
No, I don’t believe so. The only thing we need to know is how hard the registry is to access in each country.
Has a what?
The Netherlands is a causal system not abstract!
Exactly! No valid legal titel (geldige titel) = no transfer
Hey! Is anyone able and willing to give a tutorial about property law?
I would
Hey! Anyone that could provide me with an explanation to the difference between §1030 and §1090 of the BGB? Seem pretty similar to me, except for the fact that the first one refers to an object (which can be movable / immovable) and the second one is specific for pieces of land.. Thanks in advance!
So the way I understood it, §1030 is the right to usufruct, which means the right to use and to take fruits of the object and is thus different and more extensive than §1090, which is a real servitude that allows a person to burden the servient land (that belongs to someone else), and that land has the duty to tolerate this burden (for example the right walk over the servient land). § 1090 is very similar to §1018 though, the main difference is § 1018 is between twopieces of land, and not a person and a piece of land. Hope that helps.
anyone have the actual questions of old exams not only the answers?
Past exams are taken down for copyright infringements, that's why you don't have questions + model answers of old exams (unless they're posted on the student portal directly)
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I cant seem to find 2556 France (week 1) in the Maastricht Collection. Can you tell me the page number?
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if you notice, the article you are looking for is in between 2255 and 2266 , therefore it is probably a typo and the one that was actually meant is 2256
all the articles are organised by rising numbers so that would make the most sense :)
Yeah I think so too :)
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Good job! Do you also have a chart for Chapter 3 - Types of property rights?
There's a document on the course called exam notes week 1 to 5 and it has a table in there
It is "paritas creditorum" I think
True, automatic spelling correction at its finest...
Does anyone have a table with all the cases we need to know?
you can find it in the website "documents"
yeah but I mean if ypu have a table with the summaries of the cases?
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God bless!!!
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You are a life saver :)
My pleasure