What did you think of the exam? Any complaints idea?
why is B correct? Statement 2 is a hypothesis they mention exactly like that in the article
I understand that the hypothesis in statement I is refuted, but for this exam we don't need to know this correct?
The course coordinator said several times that we don't have to know whether the hypotheses were supported or not (only the rationale behind) but in this question it's about cultural implications so it could technically come up
Isn't this only the case for people from high uncertainty cultures?
In the answer key, A is the right answer but i do not agree, A is one of the authors hypotheses. Right ?
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there are the answer keys on "Documents" yet :)
Yes its C
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Hey! Thanks for the summary. Quick question. Will you be posting summaries for all articles? Thanks :)
hi! glad you found it helpful ^_^ I'll only be writing summaries fo articles if they are not already on studydrive
Ana did you maybe do a summary for the articles: "Mapping India's regional subcultures" T8, "Management as a profession" T10 and "Top management team nationality diversity" T12 ?
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Does anyone have the actual exam?
Hi guys, there is literally no old exam for industrial organization on our studydrive group so it would be nice if you could upload yours from last year and get some decent credits. Thanks a lot and good luck for your exam! - Lil 2nd year IBE student
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unfortunately I can't open the document could you maybe upload it in a different format?
it is in open document spreadsheet format so it should work opening it with excel, i will upload a different one
Does someone maybe have an ebook version of the textbook, 'Global Comparative Management – A Functional Approach' that they can post here or tell me where to find it, please?
Has anyone received information about when will the grades come out? I sent an e-mail but as always, he didn't reply...
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Would be great if you could do that!
It's on! Check your StudentPortal/My UM! :)
Anyone understand exactly what we are supposed to research in the resit? does he want hypotheses, propositions, an analysis of the previous papers? don't quite get what he wants us to do.. any one have an idea?
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Okay same here. I am also stuck...
any updates?
Anyone knows what he wants with "Document wich meetings you have facilitated and wich meetings you draw your paper on"? Does it means that we have to include them?
You can max. include 1 of the facilitations you did
Does anybody know if in the resit's paper we can use some other articles besides those of the course ?
Hi!!!! It's been almost a month since the course coordinator made any post about the resit, and I was wondering if anyone else will have to take the resit, and if so, if you know any details about the paper. Thank you a lot!
Does anybody knows something about the grades?
Does anyone know if there is the Guessing Correction for the multiple choices part?
I don't think so. The exam is 100 points: 60 points for MCQ (2points per question) and 40 points for open part, and you need 50 points to pass. I don't know how they could use guess correction in that system
Tip: Don't forget to write down your complaints on scrap paper tomorrow if you have some, since he most likely won't upload the exam
How do you guys study for the exam, if no previous exams are available? Any advice? :)
I personally just keep reading over and over my notes.... I don't know what else to do. But he did upload one exam of last year on the student portal. Questions (7,9,10,12,13,17,18,20-26 aren't relevant for this year but i don't know.... better than anything)
Is the guest lecture exam relevant?
Yes, but it's bullshit
In the announcement in exam materials it says it might be used for illustrative purposes but we don't need to study it
Does someone have other old exams? This would be much appreciate :)
Could somebody create a zip with all the summaries that are exam relevant this year ?
Hi! I'm having a lot of trouble finding the articles for session 11 of Oehmichen, J., Schrapp, S., & Wolff, M. (2017) and Van Der Vegt, G. S., & Bunderson, J. S. (2005) i would really appreciate if anyone could upload them! Thank you so much :)
Just go on the library website
if you search those articles with google scholar while using the uni internet there will be a pdf provided by UM....
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Thanks !
Hi! Could anyone upload "Stakeholder theory and practice in Europe and North America: The key to success lies in a marketing approach" for tutorial 4 ?
Anyone found a pdf of the book?
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