Can someone please answer this? In the inspection, the course coordinator mentioned that most of us answered it incomplete..
Naïve people are preference bias with B<1. But naive people believe that they are Time-consistent, believing that their future preferences selves will be identical in the future but as the day comes their preferences change. Sophisticated people are time-consistent and know exactly what their future preferences will be. They correctly predict future preferences selves.
Does someone know what have we to prepared for the first tutorial? Do we have to read Gravelle and Rees? Or we have to answer the questions about the Expected Utility Theory (in the course manual)? Because there is no explications about the tutorial 1 in the course manual.
It is Ts
Updated*: L1
Be Carefull, Mistake here, See Ex.6*
Is someone willing to post the answers for the past tutorials we had? it would really be helpful!
how do you solve problem 9 for week 2? I'd appreciate the help
The independence axiom states that for p E [0,1] and as X,Y, Z as outcomes , If X >= Y then pX+(1-p)Z>=pY+(1-p)Z So we can remodel s1 as 0,11(1$)+0.89(1$) and r1 as 0.11[10/11(5$)+1/11(0$)]+0.89(1$) and s2 stays the same but r2 can also be rewritten into 0.11[10/11(5$)+1/11(0$)]+0.89(1$) from here we can see that if someone prefers s to r they must be doing so since they prefer 1m to [10/11(5$)+1/11(0$), however people switch which violates our independence axiom. Hope it helps
so unless it was kinda messed up in the explanation since it was technical what it basically saying is that if you choose x over y in the first case then you must choose the same, even if the lotteries are now compounded, so an additional Z or in this case the similarity of probabilities should not change you choice over lotteries
Is it me or did the whole course change in the past years and can't we find any solutions to the problems and relevant summaries on SD?
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that sucks
be the change you want to see I guess
does anyone know when the course manual will be out?
Is out already!
Does anyone have notes to the two tutorials "Behavior under Risk I" and "Behavior under Risk II"? Anything would be much appreciated!
no one willing to upload anything here??
It was good to believe. Good luck guys
Does anyone know why the exam from the first sit is deleted from Student Portal? And does anyone have the document from the First Sit?
Hey guys, does anyone have this year's exam and answers, if so could you please upload it?
would be appreciated
wow, what a paper huh.
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There’s a mistake on page two, rightmost column. Employer* payoff is not -26 but 26, which is why IC is preferred over C
Does anyone have the solutions to questions 2,3 and 4 of meeting 5 (about the naifs and sophisticates)? I dont understand my own answers anymore..
there you go
thanks man
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great job :)
Is anyone going to summarize the articles or does anyone have the answers to (all) tutorials?
just did! will post a more qualitative summary later this week
are you still going to post the more qualitative summary? :)
Is someone going to create summaries for the articles? Would be insane!