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Become a Course Expert - earn up to 500 €

Any Questions?

What exactly is Studydrive?
Studydrive is a sharing platform for students. It enables students to share their study material, such as class notes, summaries or exam solutions. Studydrive gives students access to numerous study material, for free and on all devices - regardless of their university and major.. They can thus revise for lectures or seminars with fitting notes and prepare for their exams with summaries provided by top students. In addition, the Studydrive discussion groups give students the possibility of exchanging opinions about numerous study related topics. Last but not least, our career section offers a broad selection and enables students and graduates to the right company for their career path - no matter if they’re looking for internships, part time jobs or full time jobs.
Is there any extra effort involved?
No, it’s completely up to you when and where you work for us. You don’t have to create any additional material, but can instead upload everything you create for your own exam preparations anyway. No additional effort needed.
Am I only a Course Expert for a specific course?
No, you can upload documents for all courses that you attend or attended in the past and can also use those courses to communicate with your fellow students.
How long for am I going to be a Course Expert?
Our contracts automatically expire at the end of the semester or earlier, if you’re not active on Studydrive. A good cooperation will however result in a renewal of the contract if you wish so.
What’s the difference between a normal user and a Course Expert?
As a Course Expert you’re the Studydrive pioneer at your uni and encourage others to share their documents as well. You thereby help our sharing community grow. That is why you earn money for your generated downloads, whereas the other users earn credits that they can convert into selected prizes.
Do I have to create documents just for Studydrive? (Are hand-written ones okay?)
No, you don’t have to create any documents just for Studydrive. Simply upload documents that you already have and use for exam preparations. It is completely up to you if the documents are typed up or handwritten.
What types of documents can I share?
You can upload anything that you also use for exam preparation. Solutions, summaries, all class notes, flashcards etc. You just have to make sure that you don’t infringe the copyright. Thus, all documents you upload should be yours.
How will I be compensated?
On average, our Course Expert generated 2030 downloads per week with only one upload. This sums up to 253 € per semester. By generating more downloads, recruiting new users and competing in our challenges you can earn up to 500 € per semester.

Your downloads and bonuses will be collected and cashed out at the end of the semester/contract. 500 € is the maximum amount you can earn.
Is Studydrive free for everyone?
Yes, the platform is and will always be completely free of charge for students. You can upload and download documents and exchange student related content with each other for free.