FSCM all possible exam exercises explained.pdf

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Hochgeladen von Julia Antonioli 1753 am 21.05.2020

I made a summary of all the possible mathematical exercises they could ask on the exam this year. Having this summary next to you in the exam could be an easy way to find out how to do exercises you don't know as they are all explained accompanied with the page number in the book for further explanations.____________ chapter 14 is explained well on the summary of the lecture: https://www.studydrive.net/en/doc/material-requirements-planning-lecture/856788

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You said for the EOQ to aways round up but in the announcement of the student portla they say "you can round to the nearest integer" which can also mean rounding down :)
Ah okay, i just wrote what they said in the book
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Thanks for all the work !
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Does this have all the exercises in each chapter?
Yah, I included all the mathematical exercises (since they won't be asking theoretical questions on the exam)