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why is the answer not d?
Denmark will not trade with other countries since the market price in Denmark resulting from setting domestic demand and supply equal gives p=4, which is lower than the world market price.
but as you said market price in Denmark is lower than world market price. Wouldn´t that mean denmark will export? Because then gains of trade would be 12?!
how do you solve this question?
How do you calculate this?
Does someone know why its answer A, why the price will be the same?
bc in the long run price doesn't change
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why is it 35 c and not 35 b?
Here u go
Thanks for your answer, but isn't the gains from trade a triangle? So( old price minus new price (World price)) x (old quantity minus new quantity) x 1/2 which gives you -12?
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Does someone know how to do 31 ??
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thank you !!!
I needed this thanks +rep
Why is the change in quantity the value we calculated for the price at Q=4?