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Why do we have to substract 1 from the birth month and day ??
The whole idea is kind of that we want to be able to compare people birthdays, and do that by calculating how far away from the beginning of the respective year their birthday is. If you're birthday is on the 15th of April then that's 4-1=3 fully completed months and 15-1=14 fully completed days away from the beginning of the year. So your birthday is after 3 full months and 14 full days, meaning during the 4th month and 15th day. Hope that makes any sense
Where do we see that they are negatively correlated ?
in the big correlation matrix from f) ii)
What does that mean ?
Instead of writing the same thing 20 times I just marked the correlations in the matrix that have a significantly high correlation and then sorted them whether they make sense to be positive or negative.