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Hope this helps!

Hey In the period 4, the ending inventory should be 10 because period 3 ending inventory was 0 and there is 10 leftovers (130-120). What do you think? Thanks!
No, you also have to account for the backlog, as you have 5 units from month 4 used in month 3. so ending inventory = beginning inventory + output + backlog from this month - forecast - backlog from previous month. Hope it's clear :)
okay understood, thank you for your quick answer :)
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Why do people keep down voting randomly? This is great work, thanks for uploading!
You save us!
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Thanks a lot Tom!
Why did you use 1 instead of 2 for the inventory in month 7 (Assignment 11.2 point 4)
It's explained in the note below, you only have once the I7 in your average inventory function, while you have twice all of the other I, so you take half the cost of it.