Any tips on how to find a subject for the Supply Chain Major Bachelor Thesis?
Read articles that interest you, related to SCM and look at the limitations, usually they propose further studies/topics to look into
does anyone have solutions for sample exam? I will be so glab if someone can upload...
you can also upload to google drive or somewhere else
will the layout of the exam be the same as the practice exam or not? also, do you think they will ask something about the decomposition method or the winter's method since so far all the exercises on it have been via excel....?
The layout will be similar. They could, but if they do it will be a short exercise.
Anyone knows if the Simulation part in chapter 2 is exam relevant?
They say we have to know the basics like what is a simulation and stuff but I truly doubt that they will ask questions on it. And we could only be asked theory questions and theory is max 10 points
just fyi, the multiplicative and additive are switched around! Multiplicative is when the trend and amplitude of variations is increasing!
Could someone upload their solutions of the example exam, it would be very helpful to compare the answers
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Are you working on the Chapter 2 summary? :)
Yes! Will upload it as soon as it's finished
Does someone has the correct solution for question 4 of tutorial 6 (Miltenburg)?
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How do you do the 4th question of Tutorial 6 (Miltenburg)?
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then how would you do it for k=5 then?
then you already produce one of each, so then you decide which to produce again i think
Guys please upload the answers of tutorial 7... It's a good recap for the exercises of the course !
Hi, for the Miltenburg article and exercise, what is the way to solve the 4th question? I think the one in the provided solution is not correct. Help is much appreciated
Guys please can you upload the answers of tutorial 7 (achieving profit) and the questions/answers for module 5&6 ?
I'll upload questions for modules 5 and 6 tonight
--> Session 7: in the article "Order acceptance using generic algorithms" what does the little + mean at the end of the objective function?
It basically means that the term in the brackets cannot become negative. Assume that your completion time is 5 and your due date is 6, then according to the formula your revenue would increase by 1 (-w*-1=+1). But the article states that you are not rewarded if you deliver the order before the due date. That is what the little plus means. I hope I could help you!
Thank you very much, it did help :))
Hi guys could someone upload the corrected exercises of the tutorials?
Does someone have the questions and answers of module 3-4-5-6 of the game? Would be very nice to upload it!
Did someone manage to find the articles for tomorrow?
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Can you also upload summaries for tutorial 9?
If someone can post the exercises for wednesday (waiting lines and queuing) it would be great !!
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Do you have summaries of the tutorials 1 and 2?
how many minutes do you have for exercise 1 task 3 (routing and facility layout) ?
How can re-sit assignment load be the this amount two essay with summary and explaination with relevance to game and tutorial and search for article which is related to essay? Even find a contribution to other article? Moreover, PPT for each essay? It's bull shit!!
Hey guys, any advice for the Operations Management Practice Operations Game? Would be highly appreciated! <3
Upgrade all your machines to level 3 in the first 3 turns, pray for good contracts, and try to make only denim and wool (cheapest materials to buy = bigger margins). And of course, don't employ too expensive employees
sell your machines at the end
2nd assignment - does anyone know how to solve task 4 ? Maybe a hint how to start or tackle this problem ?
are we supposed to do the hand-in assignments with excel or do you think we can also use textbook methods (for the first assignment at least)?
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If we are not supposed to use Excel, how do we solve the question 1 ? just find it by yourself?
Im lost. I dont understand the assignment
Any tips or relevant readings for the first hand-in assignment? :(
Let's share some strategies that work out for the Practice Operations Game :-)
Do we have to do any readings for this course?
Where can I find all the suggested articles ? I mean those indicated on the course's manual.
sometimes there are links behind the articles and if there are none i think you will have to just search them on google scholar