Has anyone got any information about Bipolar disorder and it's connections with the circadian cycle? I am doing a research project and it would be great to see if anyone had any more info than what I have found!
Hey, you have one time too many the box with criteria for Lewy bodies ??
I'm so sorry, I don't know how I managed to do that! I don't "proof-read" my summaries until I go through them when learning for the test :(
It's no problem lol, just wanted to tell you
Note for all: in the test, questions regarding chapter 1 from the reader will NOT include anything from part 5.8 (the part about the animals)
Thanks. Anything else or just that?
thanks for the summaries. Do you also have the chapters from the Groth and Marnet book?
Not entirely yet, sorry
I have a question too ??‍♀️. In the psychological model of psychopathology, it is said in the chapter that mental illness is a normal reaction to stress and stressful situations. But is this always true ?? Because, for example, someone who tortures animals when they are a child, so a psychopath, who otherwise has a good childhood, they don't have a normal reaction right? I mean, I would not call it a normal reaction to hurt a puppy, even if someone experienced stress ?. Maybe I also misunderstood the book though
Dude, you think too much
Read the chapter again if you think you didn't understand it well
hello, will the open questions in the test be like in the persuasive health technology test, or short, like in research methods last year? i already looked in the questions on canvas and they are short, but i wanted to check if anyone know for sure, if they will also be like this in the test. thanks
I'd just assume that they are like in the practice exam
I would say so also
In the chapter about the WAIS, there is a sentence that says ``IW``. Is this meant to be ``IQ``, or what does it stand for? ;)
I probably meant IQ. Sorry for any typos, that most likely isn't the only one :')
Summaries for the Davey Psychopathology book are now uploaded :)
I've uploaded my summaries of the chapters from the Groth-Marnat book. The Davey chapters will follow next week :3 as always, happy learning x
I'm guessing that this is the right group for Psychology MOD 6? c:
yes :-)