who is doing the resit?
I am....
oh fuck I just said (Constantiou et al., 2017).... do you think it is a big deal?
No I actually ended up doing it like this too, the way I did it in the table is just how the coordinator himself cited it in the manual but I think it’s fine either way
ok thank you!
Hey guys! How are you planning to study for MIS?
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I guess I should have also read the summary once to prepare for the exam.I had to read through it while writing the exam and had too less time to finish :(
Yes. Reading the summary def changed the game for me.
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Thank you so much for this! However, I cannot open the file... not sure why. The format seems to be outdated?
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Thank you
that would be great!, for me the link doesn't work too good...with the table an stuff...
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omg I just did this myself hahah shit but thanks anyway :)
Great minds think alike 😁 I hope it will be handy for the exam tomorrow
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Can you PLEASE upload the Word doc, because for some reason you can´t use the search option.
I got you
Thank you :D
hey how do you prepare for the exam ?
Not at all really
its just that I am a bit worried about the time...only 2h..
Does anyone have a folder of all the articles they could send me?
Hi There! Would you like to help me with my thesis and win a Amazon Voucher up to 15$? Please do this Learning and Memory Game on Portuguese Words: https://maastrichtuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0P1eCGYut7knjjn Thank you! Pedro Garcia Marques :)
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Thanks for that. I think I love u
Did anyone find other exams than the 2017 one?
are the online tutorials mandatory?
What is meant by "complements" in the first article from McAfee?
Organizational complements are things that improve the performance of technologies by multiplying their impact. FIT, NIT and EIT each need different kinds of complements (or don't need any) at different points in time.
Does anyone have the learning goals? Our tutor was supposed to post them but I think he forgot...
Anyone planning on doing a quizlet?
where is that mentioned?
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Ah yes, but my tutor didn't put that in the LGs so I was confused. Thx.
No problem :) I think the LGs always differ a little bit
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Stop copying Zoe’s content
why the dislikes? its just the truth
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nice summary thanks!
Note: I meant "homogeneously".
Isn´t this straight from wikipedia?
Yes, I guess this is a rhetorical question to “call me out” :) I didn’t think that was a problem since it’s an easy question for the definition of IS and I thought this just captures the core of it really nicely. As these are my answers to LGs and our tutor said they are not solely bound to the literature but we’re welcome to include prior knowledge or outside sources I included this at that point. If you don’t like that feel free to use someone else’s work or make one yourself :)! Otherwise I also summarized the reading that the Qs refer to so if you want an answer closer to the literature you can get it there as well :)!
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THANK YOU!!! Was waiting for this 🥰
You're welcome! Glad I can help :)
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isn't this the reading material voor tutorial 5?
No I don’t think so... it’s number five in the table since it includes the lecture :)
Anyone have the second article: The impact of information systems on organizations and markets?
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Do you have the link to the first article? :)
You can use EBESCO to find and dowload it
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Thank you. Where did you find all the articles for this and the second tutorial?
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or how to access?
I think it should be in the electronic reader but if you can’t open it you can text me on WhatsApp :)
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Let's host a party for Simone with shit loads of champagne and strippers. She deserves it!!! Thanks again
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If you're the DJ I will supply the Vodka :)
How did the exam go? Thoughts? For the first open question: did you write ALL middle strategies or only the one you thought fits and a drawback of each?
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When is he going to upload the answer key?
It has just been uploaded on the Student Portal (under "Examination materials")
Does anyone know how many points you need to pass this course?
For the exam, the grade is calculated in the following way: 0,6*(grade for MC questions) + 0,4*(grade for open questions) = overall grade For the MC questions, you need 40 out of 60 to obtain a 5,5. For the open questions, you need 22 out of 40 points to obtain a 5,5. There is no minimum amount of points that you have to obtain on each part, as long as your overall grade is either a 5,5 or higher.
Can someone explain the difference between horizontal and vertical chunckification and give an example where it's applied to a process because I really don't get it
Horizontal: have several firms do the same task -> e.g. Nike has more than one factory that produces shoes; -> Nike can compare performance of factories (reduces shirking) and no factory has bargaining power (reduces opportunistic renegotiation) Vertical: divide a task into different subtasks and have different companies do the different tasks -> e.g. one company cleans data for you > sends it to next company > next company extracts certain data > sends it to next company> next company divides data into categories > sends it to next company > last company analyzes data > sends it to you; -> every company has very little knowledge about what exactly they are doing for you and they also do not know exactly who the other companies are thus it reduces the risk of poaching
Thank you so much !!
Can or can't? If so how can they be combined? Thank you!
When implementing system modules via a phased conversion strategy, you still have the option of a parallel or cutover approach for conversing each phase of the system. A pilot strategy could include a parallel strategy at the pilot site
Thank you! :)
Which chapters are not relevant for the exam ??
Shandor this is unacceptable.
The amount of articles we have to study for this course is as well hahah
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Shandor mah boi blessed us
Glad you like it haha. Goodluck on the exam! :)
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this is amazing, thank you!
Thanks! Goodluck on the exam :) Please note that the mandatory articles for the presentations are in the separate document. This was an accident, sorry! The link is in the description
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Sorry I forgot that this one excludes the mandatory articles for the team presentations. I hope to reach all of you this way. The other articles can be found here: https://www.studydrive.net/courses/maastricht-university/management-information-systems/summaries/all-team-presentation-articles-summary/viewfile/619788 Adding to this: I have understood that the TEDTalks I did summarize and p.12 and p.73 from Brewer are to be excluded as well! Good luck studying!
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god bless you
you probably mean "without paying attention to principals welfare" right?
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Are you planning on making one for CG as well? :) This looks really nice! Thank you
Gonna be up in an hour! :)
its up!
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Love it ! It's so useful... You must be someone really organized !
Thank you, you could say I'm an organization goddess for sure! But anyway I'm grateful for your kind words and appreciative comment. Love to all
Could someone upload a list of all the abbreviations used in this course please?
So much hate hahaha we can't even ask something wtf
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I really like your summaries!! Can you maybe upload the summaries of the other articles which are exam relevant but you didn't post?
Thank you! Unfortunately I didn't manage to summarize all of the exam relevant articles, for the ones I didn't summarize myself i used either Simone Smolders or Daniel Schemmert summaries, majority of which you can find on his page since he made them last year already.
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There's a small mistake in the summary: Separation (not integration) seems to be unnatural for individuals holding the encompassing view. Best Daniel
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Can you tell me what font do you use ? I love it !
Glad you like it! It is actually from our Cost Accounting book hahah! It is called ITC Berkely Oldstyle Std. Bear in mind that it does not come with most computers, I had to download it online! :)
may I ask which article includes this concept?
only "dividing a task"is effective here
You are right, my apologies
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Great job for your summaries, I download them for every course, but be careful because you do quite a lot of typos.
Thanks for the feedback! Might be because i work quite fast haha! Will defenitaly keep an eye on them! :)
you repeated the same 4 sentences here twice, just a heads up :)
My bad, thank you ! :)
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your summaries for CG and MIS are gold!!!! Thanks a lot <3
Thank you :)
Please also upload for tut 4 <3
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Margarida love your summaries! Keep it up
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