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Does anyone have the exercise sheets (without solutions) of the previous year's lectures (they were deleted from the Ilias group)? Much appreciated
Does anyone have the Solution of problem set 10 ?
Would also be great if anyone could upload the solutions of problem set 11 and 12.
Those will be online soon!
Professor Yum showed how to solve an example exam question in the last lecture. You can find the notes here: https://www.studydrive.net/kurse/universitaet-mannheim/makrooekonomik-a-englisch-/klausuren/example-exam-question-solutions/vorschau/493825
does anyone have the solutions of the last problem sets? I was ill ?
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Most solutions are now available!
Thank you so much!
Hey everyone, I started uploading my notes from the TA sessions. Check out the new documents! https://www.studydrive.net/kurse/universitaet-mannheim/makrooekonomik-a-englisch-/260652
Are you guys interested in solutions to the problem sets? I have been hesitant to share my TA session notes, as the solutions weren't my own, but if that is the case, I could try to arrange something with a TA.