Hi! Does someone know if the Immunology marks are already out? I am not in Germany! Thank you in advance.
Hye guys did anyone who attend the exercises this Semester is willing to share the answers? It would be of great help, thanks!
So, it seems like the exercises from Ilges already on Studydrive are basically the same, so you can use those instead.
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Hi I've been trying to open the lecture on Lea. What is the password please?
It was the C3 Convertase of the classical pathway, which should be C4b2a3b
Mr. Glassmann told me, it is probably possible to inspect the exam in October.
For all of those who don’t know their exam result
Thank you! :)
Phagocytes in general so Macrophages, Monocytes, dendritic cells (immature) and neutrophils. also you have to mention ILC here which are recognized via cytokines produced by the tissue in response to infection
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Thanks Philipp :)
You‘re welcome!
My answer : -Physical barrier: multilayered epithelium (tight junctions), microbiome (normal flora), low ph/pepsin (stomach), (air) flow -chemical barrier: anti-microbial proteins (defensins, lysozyme in saliva(/tears/human milk/mucous) produced by neutrophils/macrophages /epithelial cells and complement system (classical, alternative and MBL)
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another question if he would ask in the exam about such a case but with a virus is the complement system also activated there? because he didn't​ mention it in the lecture. Because in the case of bacteria the complement system gets activated
We had the exampke with HRSV - a respiratory virus. We said: maybe littlte bit complement (classical pathway), but MAC is not efficient against viruses. opsonisation will work
Here you can also mention the increased TH1 cells which are "equalizing" the lack of TH17 cells
I hope my answers help you out, they are not intended to insult you :)
Since he is asking for steps: 1) activated t cells are treated with an inhibitor that blocks protein export, allowing cytokines to accumulate in the ER 2) the cell is fixed and permeabilized with mild detergents 3) cytokine-specific antibodies penetrate the cell to bind the intracellular cytokine molecules
Hi, I've uploaded solutions for practice exam 2019. I marked the answers I am not really sure about. - How do you know of which Isotype are antibodies against S.aureus? - Was CD25 ever mentioned in lecture ?(I had to look up its function in janeways - I am not sure if my answer for the last question is correct.
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I think he uploaded it right after we had the exercise talking about CD25 so maybe that's why he put it in. And yes, after talking to some more people, I'm leaning more towards IgG too
My answer for the Isotype was IgG as well because IgG is needed for secondary response and has a higher concentration than IgA in blood( see Kahoot question jumble quiz last lesson)
Hi, 2 things that confused me, and maybe you, too. 1. Kahoot Questions and Answers, lesson 9, Q2: Which part of an immunoglobulin is modified with somatic hypermutation answer was "Variable part of light chain", but it is also the variable part of heavy chain (?!) 2.Script 10, page 15: Is called Type 3 response, against (extracellular) bacteria and fungi, but the figure below is about TH1 cells which play a role in type 1 response/intracellular bacteria.
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It is definitely a mistake on his part, he mentioned in when we were sitting in the lecture. But yes, your explanations are correct :)
Thank you, I didn't hear it or I've forgotten it and missed to write it down. Philipp, I know that this is correct written in other parts, I just copied it from the lecture without thinking ^^ and then I learned it the wrong way with this notes.
Hey guys what answer did you pick in the practice exam for question 10 & 11? :)
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You're welcome! I am always happy to help! BTW thanks for uploading all the stuff, really helped me out a lot!
My pleasure, if it helps people in their studies, then my purpose is fulfilled :)
Hi, I think there is a mistake in the book (Janeways): In the glossary, p. 826 it says "common lymphoid progenitor (CLP): Stem cell that can give rise to all the types of lymphocytes with the exception of innate lymphoid cells (ILCs).” But on the first pages of the book, figure1.3 it is shown, that CLP gives also rise to ILCs "A common lymphoid progenitor gives rise to the lymphoid lineage (blue background) of white blood cells or leukocytes—the innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) and natural killer (NK) cells and the T and B lymphocytes”
Isn´t IgG the predominant antibody during the secondary response and not IgM ? Or did I miss something ?
Oh yeah, thats a typo. IgM during primary and IgG during secondary, you're right
There is a mistake. It should be DR4/5 not CR4/5.
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Don’t think its a molecule. 😅 Guess you just had a typo. You did it twice in the table.
Just checked my newest notes and it seems like CD4/5 was just a typo ya :)
Can someone upload the exercise from this week?
Just uploaded it :)
Does anyone know whether or not the lecture script will be uploaded?
I think he mentioned that as soon as he (Rik) had access to LEA, he would upload his lectures
Please could you post the remaining Immunology lecture summary.
I've uploaded what I had. It takes ages to summarize the chapters and my time is running out. I rather focus now on studying the stuff I have - sorry :)
Alright, thanks ?