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is the resit on your timetables?
yes, tomorrow from 4-6
Is the history exam taking place at the MECC? I see on my calendar that the location is marked as the Westhal in the MECC, but I saw that the exam is on TestVision. So do we use a computer at the MECC ?
it should be at your home on your computer. ask your coordinator for more info
Ok thank you!
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This is amazing & super helpful! Thanks for sharing :)
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Best summaries out there! Very compact and good filtered. Thank you. Will you post similar ones of the remaining topics?
Hi There! Would you like to help me with my thesis and win a Amazon Voucher up to 15$? Please do this Learning and Memory Game on Portuguese Words: https://maastrichtuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0P1eCGYut7knjjn Thank you! Pedro Garcia Marques :)
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Thank you so much, it’s very helpful 🥰
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Really good summary. Where did you find the parts regarding Aristotle? In the book it was just a short abstract
I used both chapters for the Aristotle part. He was mentioned a few times in both chapters:)
ohh thx. I didn't know that there were 2 books
Any tips for the resit?
praying might help
Have anyone else come across this problem --> on the exam I got 72% right for the multiple choice part, this should equal a total of 5,0 (since 72% of 70% is round about that). But my total grade on student portal is saying 5,0 when I know for sure that I did not get a 0 on the open-ended quesitons. Why is it like this, or does anyone else experience similar things?
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did you write your student number on the top of the page on all the pages of the exam? (since only the ones with your student number can be graded..)
yes I did...
Does anyone know when the exam inspection is taking place?
You can register yourself for the exam inspection between Wednesday 26 June 00:00 hrs PM and Sunday 30 June till 23.59 hrs PM via: https://solver.askpsy.nl/Register using your student log in account. - If you experience problems with registering (or unregistering) please get in touch with the Education Office via http://www.askpsy.nl/contact. - The procedure for the exam inspection is described here: https://www.askpsy.nl/exam-inspection. The exact date hasn't been announced on the announcement-board thingy, but it should be on the first link I guess
It will be on the 2nd of July
Anyone who thinks they did okay (passed) and would like to share what they answered? Know it usually just makes people more stressed but I just kinda want to know how I did
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How many of the multiple choice would we need to have correct to pass? And also, how many points in general to pass?
Depends on the number of points you get in the open questions. In general it's 55, but you don't know how many points a certain question gives you, becuase there are 27 questions and 70 point to earn. This is the formula: 3 open (each max 10 points): max 30 points 27 closed (multiple choice) questions, ((correct answers - 91)/18)*70): max 70 points Grade = (total points open + closed questions)/10.
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What are the answers?
Unfortunately I do not have them anymore :/
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If anyone know the correct answer to each question, please write them down!
C, C, A but I don't take charge
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did you put them in a chronological order? (:
No, I created a mini timeline of some key "-isms", just something I wrote out real quick, I'll upload it now :D
thank you so much 😘
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For some reason in the preview it shows an arrow on the left, there's no arrow when I downloaded it to check, so it seems to be a glitch with the preview :o
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You is the best <3
Hihi ❤️
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Hey, can you maybe upload all the other tasks already for both courses? They are very helpful!
Done :) Good luck for the exams !
Thanks a lot !! <3
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This is a really good summary. Nothing is missing, its not too much and you used a lot of pictures. I gonna stick to yours. Pls keep going :)
Will do :) Glad it helps!
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Hii, could you maybe post task 6 also? They are really helpfull!!
I just did :) thanks for the support
In Manuela Heins lecture, she suggested that in a world where things no longer exist in the absence of your mind, it becomes very hard to explain what happens to the bread when you're no longer there. What solution is often proposed for this mind-body problem?
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So glad you're back!
sometimes a girl’s got to live 😎
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Can you upload as docx as well? :)
yes sure I thought I did it but apparently there has been a problem with the docx file :) I hope it works now
thanks so much !:)
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You're a lifesaver once again <3
happy to help <3
Does anyone know if it's allowed to miss the practical tomorrow (measuring cognitive functions 1) and do a catch-up assignment?
Does anyone know where to find the book (2nd edition) online?
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You need the second edition from the book for this course, unfortunately not the first edition (the first edition is in Angie's sharebox).
I uploaded it as a PDF just now :)
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Hey I really like your summaries! So thank u! And for this taks did you use the first or second edition of the book ?
Thanks! I'm glad that they are helpful. I think it was the 2nd edition. It could be however that for the first 2 tasks i still used the 1st edition, But I probably still inserted the missing parts from the 2nd edition :)
Does someone have a crash course of history that he/she would be willing to share?
There is a tutoring class by Athena studies , check it out maybe sign up ? I did.
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yeah boy ~
hi, isn't it the opposite ? rationalism = deduction & empiricism = induction ? I'm not sure.
Doesn't necessarily have to be. Sometimes there are empiricists that use induction and deduction, but they just have induction as their main knowledge assessment but say that it need deduction as well.
yeah you are right! I confused the lines in the book! :)
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these are very nice, keep it up :D
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Hey, can you upload your summary for history Task 9? That would be really great!
it is not done yet I will upload it but might take a few days :)
Sadly I used a summary myself for that task, so that I don't have my own notes, sorry :(
Does anyone have a practice exam of this course? Would be awesome!!
can somebody explain to me what mechanical theriomorphism means? it was in one article about thorndike, thanks ☺️
Mechanical theriomorphism is mechanomorphism and theriomorphism combined, so for example with that, they explained Pavlov's conditioning through mechanical processes and then applied it to humans with the same process (not 100% sure though)
Do you think that only studying studydrive summaries is enough for the exam?
I would take a look at the lecture slides as well and make sure the articles are in the summaries. Technically yes, it should be enough. Maybe do some mindmaps with help of the summaries to gain some deeper understanding.
Do you know how well we need to know the dates? What should we focus on for the exam?
we just need to know the period and who comes before who etc
I think you need to place some events or people in the right order, but there would be no precise dates. (Not 100% sure)
Does anyone already have a full summary of all tasks? #Esketit
Stay hydrated kids, you make the best summaries for history ! I wish that you also upload the tasks that you havent uploaded yet. You are the hero !
Yeah true !
Can somebody upload task 9 for year 2018
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whoops, i guess this is task 9 this year
your summary looks great but I cannot open it after I downloaded it. Looks like your document cannot be opened by word or adobe reader. do you have an idea how I can open it?
It is a pages document thats why I will upload a PDF now
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Anonymous Floppy Disk this one is for you.. I hope this is the same content than last year :)
where can i find Boyack et al.'s analysis of cross references
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Really good summary, could you maybe upload for task 3-9 too?
Sorry. I just read it know. I will upload it still though (:
thank you <3
Could someone put his lecture notes up ? that would be really nice <3
does someone have the second edition of the book? Pleaaase :)
Whats the right graphic here?
The ' Perception' one belongs to Contents of the Mind and the 'Associationism' one to the last page, sorry! :)
thank you! :)
Could somebody maybe upload the course manual from this year? I am a second-year​ student who has to write the resit but I can not access the course manuals! Would be really nice, thank you !!
Just did it.
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