70-80% of Questions in the exam are from the set of existing MC questions. Study them by heart and exam should be fairly easy.
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The flashcards aren't complete, there are many missing...
lancer yeah but only the IFRS part. the others are there
does anybody know how long will the exam take(financial accounting) and how many questions will be ? and also with how many correct answers can we pass ?
It takes 2 hours
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PDF version pleease?
Are there MC questions for the IFRS part?
Yes - but only a few. You can find them as Study Cards here😊
Hey does anybody have a summary of all the MC like in the German track?
The majority is posted as cards on study drive - you can also learn them in the App :)
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are the summaries you posted are for the whole Financial accounting lessons or only some of them?
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Thank you! Do you have maybe a similar pdf file for IFRS and Intangible meanwhile?
Could you please make the documents to pdf? That would be awesome bc a pages-file can't really be properly shown on the pc. Thank you!