Who is also doing the resit next week?
how are you studying for it?
Is there someone who could help me prepare for this exam? Or help me make this exam?
Does anyone know the exact readings for week 3? I found the readings on the Tax platform under ' Country name, individual taxation ' ( the ones posted on study drive). I just want to make sure that I am reading the right thing
Hello, does anyone have the pdf of the book that we need (4th edition)? Thanks in advance
Can somebody upload the course book please?
Just did it for you
Hey guys, would you recommend taking this course to an exchange student? And how would you describe it in terms of difficulty and usefulness? Thank you for the answers.
we are so fucked lol
Anyone has some good summaries? Would be greatly appreciated.. This course is all over the place and my tutor is not good :(
Same :(
can anyone please send me the literature for week 4? <3
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I think these files have been uploaded under the wrong course- they don't match with the meetings for Comparative Income and Business Taxation